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How do I apply Napkins to fabric with Fabric Mod Podge®?
  1. Cut the design out of the Napkin and discard the layers. Place Napkin upside down on a piece of parchment or wax paper.

  2. Apply Fabric Mod Podge® to the back of the design.

  3. Place the Napkin and paper face-up on the fabric where desired, and press firmly but gently to the surface with your fingertips. Remove the paper carefully and press the design firmly again.

  4. Apply a second coat of Fabric Mod Podge® with the Textile Brush, working into the Napkin with a gentle, swirling motion. Clean the brush often when the ink of the Napkin bleeds.

  5. Cure for 72 hours.

  6. Wash in cold water by hand or gentle cycle. Dry flat or line dry.
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