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How do I transfer FolkArt® One Stroke™ patterns onto my wall for painting murals?
Planning Pattern Placement:
Trace the pattern on tracing paper, using a pen or pencil, then transfer the pattern to graph paper or copy it on graph paper, using a copy machine. Use the graph paper to assist you in determining the size you want the design to be on the wall. For example, if you transfer a design to 1/2" graph paper and decide each square on the graph paper will be 3" on the wall, an 8 1/2" x 11" design on the graph paper will be 51" x 66" on the wall.
Transferring the pattern to the wall surface:
  • Using a projector:
    If you have a projector, you can have a transparency made of the design and project the design on the wall and sketch the main lines on the wall with a pencil. Or project a graph on the wall and lightly mark a grid on the wall. Sketch the design, using the grid on the wall and the grid of the graph paper from your transferred design as guides.
  • Enlarging Designs for Transferring:
    Once you've determined the size you want the design to be, you can enlarge it on a copier. Then position the enlarged pattern on the wall and tape in place. Place transfer paper between the photocopy and the wall. Using a stylus, lightly trace the pattern lines to transfer. You don't need to transfer every detail - it's more important to trace the main outlines of the pattern.
  • Sketching Designs Freehand:
    If you feel comfortable, you can simply use a pencil to lightly sketch the design on the wall. It's helpful to have the book or the pattern propped up or taped up nearby so you can refer to it as you sketch but keep your hands free.
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