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How should I apply the Barnwood Wax to my project surface?
After allowing the first step of Barnwood Tint to thoroughly dry (approximately 4 hours), shake well then apply a small puddle of Barnwood Wax to the palette. Load the FolkArt Shortie Brush with Barnwood Wax and apply a smooth even coat across the surface.
NOTE: If applying this finish to a large surface or one that has many sides or angles, work a section at a time. While the Barnwood Wax is still wet, wipe to remove excess using a soft, lint-free cloth. Next, position the straight edged strip of scrap wood flush to the wet surface and pull the wood scraper across the surface in the direction of the wood grain. This will remove the top layer of wax leaving behind a small amount representing actual rustic barn wood. Allow to dry overnight.
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