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My stamped image has a line that appears next to the image after I stamp. What am I doing wrong?
Ink has gotten onto the edge of the stamp and is now appearing on the project. After inking the stamp, be sure to check the edges of the stamp before printing for any ink that shouldn’t be there, and wipe it off. Also, when stamping, be sure not to “rock” the stamp side to side or top to bottom. If ink is on the edge of the stamp, the rocking motion will cause the ink to create an unwanted line on the project.
Also, if you have a stamp set that came unmounted, you may want to trim the excess rubber around the design before adhering it to your woodmount. If you choose to do this, be extremely careful! DO NOT cut too close to the design. Leaving about an 1/8 of an inch all around will ensure that you do not harm the image. Once you adhere the design to your woodmount, DO NOT attempt to remove the design and re-attach. You may compromise the adhesive and ruin your stamp.
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