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The paper sometimes gets mashed or stuck when I use decorative punches. How can I fix or prevent this?
Like the decorative scissors, different papers will cut differently when used with the punches. Handmade papers contain many fibers that run throughout the paper, sometimes making it more difficult to cleanly cut through. Try punching into a piece of waxed paper to lubricate the punch – this will make the punch less likely to stick. If the punch continues to mash a particular type of paper, try an alternate paper with less or no visible fibers for a cleaner cut.
If your punch continues to mash even light paper it may indicate that your punch is dull. You can sharpen it by punching through aluminum foil a few times.

We recommend that you do not use your punches on anything thicker than light weight cardstock. You may want to reserve more intricate punches for vellum and very thin decorative papers.

We recommend that you lubricate and sharpen your punches periodically.
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