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What are the instructions for using the Martha Stewart Crafts ® Spray Paint Kit?
1. Shake medium well. 2. Pour 1 part spray medium into bottle provided with the spray kit no more than half way. Mix in 1 part Martha Stewart Crafts™ paint no higher than shoulder line. Pour off excess if above shoulder line as this will negatively affect the spraying ability. 3. Cap and shake thoroughly to mix. 4. Remove cap and screw sprayer onto bottle so that the red dot on spray button is aligned with the V-shaped notch on the base of the sprayer. Do not shake bottle once it is attached. 5. Practice before spraying on your project. 6. Holding the spray can at a 45° angle, begin at the top of the surface and gently spray back and forth, overlapping each stroke for even coverage. To avoid runs, start spraying while in motion and release button while still in motion. Let dry and apply two or more coats as desired.
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