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What special features does the Mod Podge Mod Melter have?
The Mod Podge Mod Melter offers many improvements over the traditional mini hi-temp glue gun including:
  • The Mod Melter has a unique shape which allows the crafter to hold it vertically, giving an unobstructed view of where they are gluing.
  • The longer tip is wrapped in silicone, which allows for glue placement in tight spaces without fear of burning or melting surfaces. The silicone tip also means less mess, as Mod Melts and hot glue sticks do not stick to the tip.
  • The Mod Podge Mod Melter is specifically designed to remain hot through an entire length of a glue stick or Mod Podge Mod Melt.
  • An extra-long 6 ft. electrical cord makes it convenient to move about freely while working on a project.
  • A convenient on/off switch allows the crafter to turn off the Mod Melter without having to unplug it.
  • An extra wide built-in stand at the base of the Mod Melter enables the crafter to easily and securely rest the Mod Melter when not in use.
  • A larger easy-to-press control trigger allows additional finger placement, equalizing the pressure on the Mod Melter grip.
  • A silicone soft grip on the Mod Melter body allows for a comfortable grip.
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