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When is it advisable to use FolkArt Finishing Oil or FolkArt Bonding Primer & Sealer after completing a project painted with FolkArt Milk Paint?
Whether you use Finishing Oil or Bonding Primer & Sealer depends on the surface you’re using.
  • FolkArt Finishing Oil is best used on a surface that has been painted with FolkArt Milk Paint directly over raw, unfinished wood. FolkArt Finishing Oil will penetrate the layers of milk paint as well as into the unfinished wood surface. NOTE: The color of FolkArt Milk Paint painted surfaces will slightly darken and become rich in color after the finishing oil has been absorbed. If desired, test for any color changes in an inconspicuous place.
  • FolkArt Bonding Primer & Sealer is best used on a surface has been previously finished either, painted or stained, and has been sealed with a varnish. It is recommended to use FolkArt Bonding Primer & Sealer over the surface, before painting, as well as after completing the project. NOTE: Be sure to allow ample dry time after applying the priming coat before painting and again after completing the project before applying the protective coat.
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