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How long does it take for the Fabric Creations Plush to dry and cure?

Generally, Fabric Creations Plush paints dry within two hours; however, it can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the thickness of application as well as the humidity of your work area. The decorated fabric surface will be cured in 72 hours.

How should I launder fabrics decorated with Fabric Creations Plush?

Once heat-set, a project painted with Fabric Creations Plush paints can be machine-laundered on the gentle cycle; however, to preserve the life and durability of your decorated fabric, it is always best to hand-wash in cold water and allow to air-dry.

Is it necessary to heat-set a fabric project when using Fabric Creations Plush?

Yes, heat-setting fabrics painted with Fabric Creations Plush is necessary to activate the dimensional, plush effect. To heat-set your project and activate the plush effect, follow the instructions below:

  1. Allow the decorated fabric to dry overnight.
  2. Heat an iron to the highest setting allowed for the decorated fabric.
  3. Lay a dry pressing cloth over your ironing board and position project fabric decorated-side down.
  4. Using steam, lightly press the backside of the decorated fabric to activate the dimensional effect of the paint.
    1. Note: If the decorated surface is too difficult to reach when heat-setting from the backside, you can heat-set from the front by holding the heated iron slightly above—not touching— the painted fabric surface and applying steam.
Should I prewash the fabric to remove sizing before painting using Fabric Creations Plush?

Yes, prior to being decorated with Fabric Creations Plush, all fabrics should be prewashed using soap and water following the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Most denim fabrics should be washed multiple times in hot water to remove thoroughly the sizing in the fabric. DO NOT use liquid fabric softener or dryer sheet as doing so may prevent the paints from adhering to your fabric properly. If your garment is wrinkled, you may iron the fabric as instructed on the garment label; however, DO NOT use spray starch as that, too, may prevent the paint from adhering to your fabric properly.

What types of fabrics can be decorated using Fabric Creations Plush paints?

For best results, use soft, low-textured fabrics such as cottons, poly cotton blends, woven blends, denims, and home décor textiles when decorating with Fabric Creations Plush. Fabrics should be flexible and have some pliancy to achieve the full plush effect; stiff fabrics such canvas are not recommended as the dimensional effect of the paint will not work.

Where can I learn more about Fabric Creations Plush?
You can learn more about this product by reading the Fabric Creations Plush FAQ document.
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