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Although many items are out of stock currently, we are working around the clock to get all your favorite Apple Barrel, Bucilla, Delta, FolkArt, and Mod Podge items back in stock as soon as we can! 

Our goal is to ship orders as quickly as possible; however, we are experiencing some delays in processing and shipping orders at this time. All orders will be shipped ground by FedEx SmartPost only, and a tracking number will be provided when your order ships.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support of Plaid products. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Are FolkArt Enamels really dishwasher-safe?
Yes, you can wash your painted pieces with FolkArt Enamels in the dishwasher without chipping, cracking, or fading after first curing it in the oven by following the directions below:
  1. Allow painted item to dry for 24 hours to be sure all layers of paint have dried.
  2. Place project in a cool oven, as the glass must heat gradually with the oven to avoid breakage; do not place glass in a hot oven.
  3. Set oven temperature to 350ºF.
  4. Once temperature has reached 350ºF, allow the project to bake for 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let glass cool down completely before removing from the oven.
  6. Do not use for 72 hours.
In addition, using the Clear Medium over your design will help ensure the longevity of your painting. Learn more on curing painted glass projects.
Are FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments lightfast or fade resistant?
Whether a paint color is lightfast indicates the resistance a hue has to changing when exposed to light.  In other words, lightfastness can be equated to whether a color is fade resistant.  On each bottle label, you will find a key to indicate the lightfastness of that color.
✱✱✱ Good
✱✱ Better
✱ Best (most lightfast)
Can FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint be used on outdoor surfaces?
Yes, FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint can be used on outdoor surfaces; however, make sure to seal the project once dried and cured. Otherwise, the metallic finishes will tarnish and become dull when exposed to outdoor elements.
Can FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze be mixed with other paint products?
No, direct mixing of FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze with other paint products will compromise the color, finish and ability to shift colors. However, you can create a sheen story by layering a matte acrylic paint over sections of Dragonfly Glaze, or by applying Dragonfly Glaze over sections of the surface rather than creating an overall finish.
Can FolkArt Home Decor Chalk paint colors be mixed to create new colors or different values of the same color?
Yes, FolkArt Home Decor Chalk mixes easily to create any color you desire. Begin by mixing a small amount of the darker color into the lighter color first. Continue adding the darker color a little at a time until the desired color or value is achieved.
Can FolkArt® Extreme Glitter be applied both horizontally and vertically?
Yes, you can apply FolkArt® Extreme Glitter both horizontally and vertically. Extreme Glitter will not run or drip if applied correctly.
Can FolkArt® Outdoor™ be used with other paint products?
No, mixing FolkArt® Outdoor™ with other paint polymers will compromise the color, durability and other key features of the paint.
Water should not be used with FolkArt® Outdoor™. Adding water will interfere with the durability and paint adhesion properties.
Can FolkArt® Shinys be used for surfaces that will be outdoors?
Yes, as long as the surface is suitable for outdoors. FolkArt® Shinys can be exposed to the elements and are fade resistant and water resistant.
Can FolkArt® Texture Paint be applied to a flexible surface?
FolkArt® Texture Paint should not be applied to flexible surfaces because it may crack.
Can I apply more FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint after 24 hours?
Yes, you can apply more FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint after 24 hours, but it will then need to cure for another 24 hours before being used.
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