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Although many items are out of stock currently, we are working around the clock to get all your favorite Apple Barrel, Bucilla, Delta, FolkArt, and Mod Podge items back in stock as soon as we can! 

Our goal is to ship orders as quickly as possible; however, we are experiencing some delays in processing and shipping orders at this time. All orders will be shipped ground by FedEx SmartPost only, and a tracking number will be provided when your order ships.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support of Plaid products. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Can I apply more FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint after 24 hours?
Yes, you can apply more FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint after 24 hours, but it will then need to cure for another 24 hours before being used.
Can I mix FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint with water, mediums or acrylic paints?
No, FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint should not be mixed with water, mediums or other acrylic paints. Mixing with anything other than other FolkArt® Chalkboard Paints will destroy the properties that make the paint work as a chalkboard surface.
Can I mix FolkArt® Chalkboard Paints together to achieve other colors?
Yes, FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint can be mixed with other FolkArt® Chalkboard Paints to achieve a different color palette.
Can I put a plant in a terra cotta pot that I painted with FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint?
Yes, simply coat the inside of the pot with a brush-on varnish or sealer.
Do I need to seal my chalkboard surface?
Do not seal your chalkboard surface. FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint will not work with a sealer on top.
Does my project need to be painted in a specific direction, such as with the grain of the wood?
No, it does not matter if the FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint is applied with the grain.
How do I clean my chalkboard surface?
Use a soft cloth dampened with water to clean the chalkboard surface.
How much area will one 8 oz. jar of FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint cover?
Single coat coverage for one 8 oz. jar is 10.75 sq. ft. Since at least two coats are recommended, one jar will cover approximately 5.25 sq. ft.
How should I apply FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint?
A soft bristle brush, roller or sponge applicator is the best way to apply FolkArt® Chalkboard paint to the surface of choice.
Is FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint durable?
Yes, FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint dries to a tough finish.
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