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Can FolkArt Milk Paint be used on outdoor surfaces?
No, FolkArt Milk Paint is formulated for indoor surfaces only.
Can FolkArt Milk Paint be used to stencil a design on my furniture?
Yes. FolkArt Milk Paint can be used when stenciling your milk-painted project.
Can I create any special effects with FolkArt Milk Paint?
Yes, FolkArt Milk Paint is versatile and can be used many ways. Apply a standalone color or use to create a distressed appearance. This versatile milk paint can also be thinned with water to achieve a washed look. By thinning the paint a soft color wash can be applied to the surface for just a hint of color while highlighting the natural wood grain.
Can I mix two FolkArt Milk Paint colors to achieve a new color or different value of the same color?
Yes. FolkArt Milk Paint is designed to be intermixable allowing an artisan to create colors to match any home décor project. To mix colors, simply pour a small amount of the lighter color into a mixing bowl. Begin adding the second or darker value color a small amount at a time into the mixing bowl. Stir to mix the two colors together using a paint stir stick or plastic spoon until desired color is achieved.
Do I need to shake FolkArt Milk Paint before using?
Yes, shaking the FolkArt Milk Paint bottle before using will incorporate the paint (if any has settled).
How are FolkArt Milk Paint Brushes different from any other brush?
FolkArt Milk Paint brushes are manufactured with 100% natural black hog bristle. Available in two 1 ¼” and 2” sizes, FolkArt Milk Paint brushes are created with flag-tip bristles which hold more paint as well as spread it more smoothly.
FolkArt Milk Paint brush bristles are filbert shaped, creating “rounded corners” which reduce hard edges and brush marks.
How do I clean FolkArt Milk Paint from of my brushes and stencils?
FolkArt Milk Paint can be easily cleaned from used paint and stencil brushes while the bristles are still wet using soap and warm water. Wipe used stencils with paper towels or baby wipes immediately after each use.
How do I properly load my FolkArt Milk Paint Brush?
Whether using FolkArt Milk Paint directly on an unfinished surface or applying Folk Art Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer to a project surface, load a FolkArt Milk Paint brush by dipping into the prepared bowl of milk paint or bonding primer, then wipe the bristles along the inside of the bowl to remove excess paint/primer drips.
How much coverage can I expect from a 6.8 fl. oz. bottle of FolkArt Milk Paint?
One bottle of FolkArt Milk Paint will cover approximately 16 square feet of surface.
How should I apply FolkArt Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer to topcoat my completed project?
Simply load the FolkArt Milk Paint brush with the FolkArt Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer then apply the sealer to your completed milk painted project using long, smooth brush strokes. While wet, you will notice FolkArt Bonding Primer & Sealer is milky yet it will dry to a clear, flat finish.
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