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Do I need to heat set my fabric project when using FolkArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint?
It is recommended that you allow 24 hours for your decorated fabric project to air dry; then heat set. Two heat setting methods are recommended:
Dryer Method: Turn garment inside out; place item in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting allowed for the type of fabric used.

Iron Method: Place decorated item right side up on ironing board; cover with dry pressing cloth. Set iron to highest setting allowed for fabric used. Place dry iron (no steam) on area pressing for 30 seconds, lift iron moving to another area until all sections are heat set. Keep the iron moving in a small circular motion when heat setting.
Do I need to seal my chalkboard surface?
Do not seal your chalkboard surface. FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint will not work with a sealer on top.
Does FolkArt Enamels Frosted Glass Paint hold up well on outdoor surfaces?
Yes, FolkArt Enamels Frosted Glass Paint can be used on outdoor surfaces once cured, providing the surface itself can withstand outdoor elements.
Does FolkArt Home Decor Chalk paint contain latex?
Plaid does not use any natural rubber latex in any of its current paint products. Plaid’s paint products are manufactured using synthetic acrylic resins.
Does my surface need to be primed before I use the FolkArt® Shinys?
FolkArt® Shinys can be applied to unprimed porous surfaces, however, painting on a primed surface will reduce the number of coats required for a shiny finish. The initial coat on an unprimed surface may not appear shiny because the paint is absorbed into the surface. The shine or gloss appearance builds with additional coats.
How can I apply FolkArt Outdoor colors?
You can stencil, sponge or brush on opaque and metallic colors. Brush-on colors can be stroked and blended like other FolkArt paints.
How can I know what are the opacity levels are of FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments?
On the label of each bottle of FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments, you will find an opacity symbol.  An opacity symbol indicates whether a color is opaque, transparent, or even semi-transparent.
⬤ Opaque
◐ Translucent
◯ Transparent
How long does it take FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze to dry?
FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze will dry to the touch very quickly, when painted on most surfaces, however, it will take approximately 48 hours before it is cured to surfaces other than glassware or ceramics.
How should I clean my tools after using FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint?

Because FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint is solvent-based, you should clean brushes with nail polish remover, mineral spirits, or an enamel paint thinner such as xylene or toluene. After cleaning the brushes with one of the aforementioned solvent cleaners, wash the brush bristles in soap and warm water, reshape them with your fingers, and allow to dry upright.

Is it necessary to heat set FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint when painted on fabric?

Yes, heat-setting will ensure the durability of your FolkArt Watercolor fabric project. Follow the instructions below to heat-set your project.

  1. 1Allow the decorated fabric to dry 24 hours.
  2. Heat set the painted surface using a dry iron set to the highest setting allowed for the fabric and a pressing cloth. Do NOT use steam.
  3. Position the project fabric decorated-side up, then lay a pressing cloth over the fabric and lightly press the decorated fabric area for 30 seconds.
  4. Lift the iron and move to another section; continue until the entire design area has been heat-set.
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