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Do I need to use a sealer over FolkArt® Shinys?
No, sealers are not necessary when using FolkArt® Shinys. They were developed as a self-sealing acrylic paint. FolkArt® Outdoor Varnish will improve weather resistance if a project will be in the elements.
How are FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments different from FolkArt Acrylics?
FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments are compared to FolkArt Acrylics in that they are both acrylic, water-based paint formulas.  However, the paints differ in their consistencies, dry times, cure times, pigments, and overall paint formula. FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments are developed to maintain a full or heavy body consistency.  Also, they are manufactured with true artist pigments which can provide vibrant color or can be intermixed to create muted tones.
How long does FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint take to dry?

A standard brushstroke painted on a porous surface will be dry to the touch within approximately 25 minutes and completely dried within an hour, depending on the amount of water used to dilute the paint. On sealed surfaces, the same standard brushstroke painted on a will be dry to the touch usually within two hours. Actual dry times can vary based on the application of paint and the humidity of the work environment.

How long does it take FolkArt 3D Acrylic Paint to cure?

FolkArt 3D Acrylic Paint cures to a project surface in 72 hours.

How long does it take FolkArt Marbling Paint to dry?

FolkArt Marbling dries to the touch within one hour and will be completely dry within 24 hours; however, variables such as the type of surface being marbled, the thickness of paint application and the humidity of the work area will all affect the individual drying time of each marbled project.

How much coverage will one container of FolkArt Coastal Texture Paint provide?

One container should provide up to 5 sq. ft. of coverage.

How thick should I apply my FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on Paint?
When applying FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paints to fabric, use a moderately heavy application of paint. It is best to keep your brush full of paint when painting with FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paint, moderate to heavy applications will have greater durability. A lighter application of paint will have less durability.
Is a project created using FolkArt Glitterific Paint dishwasher-safe?

No, projects painted on glassware or glazed ceramics using FolkArt Glitterific Paints are not dishwasher safe, nor should they be immersed in water. These surfaces should be used for decorative purposes only.

Is FolkArt Stencil Spray intended for outdoor surfaces?

No. Although FolkArt Stencil Spray dries to a water-resistant finish, it is intended for indoor use only. To use this product on an outdoor surface, you should seal or topcoat the completed project with an outdoor varnish.

Is FolkArt® paint acid free?
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