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How long does it take Gallery Glass Liquid Leading to dry?
Gallery Glass Liquid Leading dries to the touch in 8 hours and cures to a surface within 7 days. 
How long does it take Gallery Glass Window Color to dry?

Gallery Glass Window Color will dry in approximately 8 hours, and will be cured to the surface within 7 days; however, the thickness of application as well as the ambient conditions—such as temperature and humidity—may vary the dry times.

How should a glass window or interior door be prepared prior to applying Gallery Glass Window Color?

Glass surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with basic household window cleaner prior to beginning a Gallery Glass Window Color project. Make sure also the surface is thoroughly dry before beginning.

I have seen Gallery Glass® on plates, candle holders and other accessories. Are there any limitations on where Gallery Glass should be applied?
Gallery Glass is recommended for decorative use only. Do not apply to surfaces that will be in contact with food, extreme heat, or wetness. When using on candleholders, test surface first for extreme heat. If the surface where Window Color™ is intended to be placed is too hot to touch, then it is too hot for Window Color.
I would love the look of Gallery Glass, but I'm nervous about applying it directly to my window glass. Is there any other way I can achieve the look of stained glass for my windows?
If you don't want to apply Gallery Glass directly to your windows, you can still create a lovely window design using sheets of plexiglass or acrylic sheets and inserting them on the inside of your window.
The thickness should be about 1/4", especially if you're creating a design for a larger window. Home Depot, Lowes, True Value and other home improvement stores should carry this material and can cut straight, regular sizes. Specialty glass shops can cut circular or oval pieces.
On what surfaces can I apply Gallery Glass Window Color?

Gallery Glass Window Color can easily be applied to a vertical surface such as a window or interior glass door. It can also be applied horizontally such as a pane of glass to later be framed or on a preformed plastic-molded suncatcher. Gallery Glass can also be applied to Plexiglas; however, note that on Plexiglas, the product dries to a permanent finish and color cannot be replaced.

What can I do about the bubbles that appear in my Gallery Glass® project?
Where possible, tapping the back of a freshly painted surface will help pop fine bubbles. Larger bubbles can be removed by combing or stroking back and forth in straight lines through the paint with the tip of the bottle or the combing tool. We recommend leaving the small bubbles in Crystal Clear as they add to the cathedral-glass look.
What is the best way to apply Gallery Glass Window Color to my project?
First outline shape along the leading lines. Then fill in the rest of the area with color. It is very important that your Window Color touches the leading otherwise you will have holes in your design and will not be able to use the modular method. If there are bubbles in the paint color, gently tap the underside of your project until they pop. If you are painting on a curved surface, like an ornament, and cannot tap the bottom, use the combing tool to smooth out the area.
What wattage of light bulb is appropriate to use with a lampshade decorated with Window Color™?
Do not use a bulb brighter than 40 watts. Bulbs above the recommended wattage may cause rapid fading of some colors.
Where can I learn more about Gallery Glass Liquid Leading?
You can learn more about this product by reading the Gallery Glass FAQ.
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