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After using Martha Stewart Crafts ® Fine Crackle Effect, can I apply a color glaze over it?
Yes, we recommend applying a contrasting color glaze to emphasize the cracks. Wait 24 hours before applying. Mix a color glaze by pouring desired amount of Martha Stewart Crafts Tintable Glaze Effect onto a palette. Squeeze a little paint separately onto palette. Using a palette knife, gradually mix paint into the glaze medium until desired color is achieved and fully incorporated.
Are the Adhesive Silkscreens reusable?
Yes, silkscreens are reusable. After each use, silkscreens should be washed and dried immediately to prevent clogging. Silkscreens can be washed with warm water immediately or can be gently scrubbed with soap and water.
Keep a bowl of water nearby when you are using your silkscreens. It saves you time and fewer trips to the sink if you can quickly dunk your silkscreens in the water for a soak while you continue to work. This will prevent you from ruining your silkscreens if you forget to wash them immediately, and your paint dries in open areas of the screen. Never let your paint dry in the screen in the effort to apply more than one coat of paint. This will result in ruining your silkscreen and the paint will peel along with your silkscreen when you remove it from your surface.

Over time and after many uses, the adhesive on the back of the silkscreen will become less tacky, however, the silkscreen is still usable. Lightly blow-drying or warming your silkscreens in your hand can aid in reinvigorating their adhesive qualities. If the silkscreen no longer sticks, it is still reusable and can be adhered with a low tack tape.
Are there any Glass Etching Cream precautions?
Please refer to package label for additional precautions. Avoid skin contact and ingestion. Wash hands immediately after use. Keep out the reach of children.
Can I embellish my painted and distressed Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor paint project with stenciling?
Yes! Use Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor paint through stencils to add detail or embellishment to your project. Martha Stewart Crafts has a collection of Vintage Decor Stencil sets perfect for larger areas and home decor projects.
The stenciled design can be left as is after stenciling or distressed using medium grit sandpaper.
Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts® High Gloss Finish on a flexible surface?
No. Use only on static surfaces. Bending may crack and peel the finish.
Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts ® Liquid Gilding near a burning candle?
Liquid gilding is highly flammable and should never be used when smoking or near an open flame. Always use with adequate ventilation.
Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts ® Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paints on tin?
Tin is a wonderful surface to decorate with Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paints. As with any painting project, surface preparation is key to proper paint performance.
Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts ® Multi-Surface Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint outdoors?
Yes, but keep projects in a protected area with no direct exposure to the elements.
How long does it take Martha Stewart Home Decor Paint to dry?

Although Martha Stewart Home Decor Paints dry quickly to the touch, it will take 72 hours for the paint to cure fully to the project surface.

How long does it take Martha Stewart Marbling Medium to dry?

Martha Stewart Crafts Watercolor Craft Paints will dry to the touch within four hours depending upon the thickness of the paint application and the humidity of the room being worked in. Surfaces decorated with Martha Stewart Marbling Medium will be fully cured in 21 days.

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