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What is the best way for decoupaging curved surfaces and corners?
Curved Surfaces:
To apply a flat print to a curved surface, cut slits in the paper wherever it will buckle. Let the paper on each side of the slits overlap as you carefully conform the print to the curved surface.
Before applying glue, fold the print around the corners of the project surface as you would wrap a package, creasing along the edges to mark them on the print. Rather than overlapping the paper as if wrapping a package, cut away excess paper. The new edges of the paper will meet at the corner.
What is the best way to decoupage paper cut-outs to my projects?
First, prepare your project surface. Then using the Martha Stewart Crafts Soft Bristle Decoupage Brushes, apply one even, smooth coat of Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Finish of your choice to the surface.
Apply one smooth, even application of the Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Finish to the side of the paper you want to adhere. Place the wet decoupage paper to the wet decoupage surface. Use the Martha Stewart Crafts Brayer to press the paper onto the surface, smoothing from the center towards the edges of the paper to remove air bubbles and excess decoupage finish. Wipe away any excess finish with a damp paper towel. Once in place and smooth, allow to dry 2 hours. When completely dry, brush a smooth application of the Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Finish over the paper, leaving at least a ¼-inch border to seal edges of the paper. Allow to dry 2 hours and repeat. If decoupaged item will serve a purpose other than decorative, a third top application may be required. Your project should completely cure by air drying for 21 days before using outdoors, placing on top shelf of dishwasher, or washing by hand.
What is the coverage area for Mod Podge?
Refer to the chart below for the coverage area of Mod Podge.
Size Sq. Ft.
0.5 oz (14.79 mL) 1.5 sq. ft
2 oz (59.15 mL) 5 sq. ft
4 oz (118.29 mL) 10 sq. ft
8 oz (236.59 mL) 20 sq. ft
16 oz (473.17 mL) 40 sq ft.
32 oz (946.35 mL) 80 sq. ft.
64 oz (1.89 L) 160 sq. ft
100 oz (2.96 L) 250 sq. ft
128 oz (3.79 L) 256 sq ft.
What kind of scissors should I use to cut out the paper designs for my decoupage project?
Use small sharp scissors such as embroidery or cuticle, or a craft knife to trim papers. s

Or try decoupage scissors with curved blades are also available at craft stores. A craft knife is handy to cut details from the inside of a design.

What type of glue and sealer should I use on my Altered Art project?
We recommend Mod Podge Paper, which is an acid free glue and finish in one. Once cured it provides a very sturdy finish for your project. For additional effects, use FolkArt Mediums which come in Antique and Crackle -- each will provide a durable and attractive finish for your project that is sure to last.
After gluing my prints to the surface, how many layers of Royal Coat do I need to apply on top of the finished design to complete my project?
Using a flat brush or sponge brush, apply Royal Coat Decoupage Finish to your entire project, including the top layers, once you have glued your design in place. Allow 20 minutes for the first coat to dry; then apply a second coat. Two coats are sufficient to protect the print, but more may be applied if desired. Your project is finished and usable at this point.

If you desire a more traditional decoupage look, however, apply a total of six coats of Royal Coat Decoupage Finish.

How do I prepare paper napkins and tissue paper for appliqué?
There are two different ways to prepare your napkin or paper for appliqué, depending on what look you wish to create:

Use small, sharp scissors for cutting out the napkin or paper designs. Cut away any inside areas you don’t want. Hold the scissors stationary while turning the napkin or paper for a clean-edge cut. Trimming is easier when you cut through all three layers of the napkin or paper. Remove the two white layers after cutting out the design.

Tearing: Tearing can be a good choice for some designs because is creates a more handmade or natural look. It’s perfect for children and others who cannot or do not want to cut out the designs. For best results, cut all three layers and then separate.
After I apply Mod Podge to my cup or plate, can I still use it?
Mod Podge covered items are basically for decorative use and Mod Podge should be used for dry items only. However, if you place a paper doily on your decoupaged surface before placing the food, you can serve from your project.
Can I burn candles I have decorated with florals, decoupage, etc.?
Decorated candles using Mod Podge ® or Royal Coat ® Decoupage Finish are meant for decorative purposes and not for illumination. Many of the decorations would catch fire and be hazardous if the candle were burned. However, if you are using a wide pillar candle and the decorations do not go to the top of the candle, it can be burned down slightly to create a well, then a votive candle inserted into the well. A new votive candle can be inserted when the old one is finished. Use extreme caution and good judgment when burning candles that have been decorated.
Can I burn my decoupaged candles?
Candles with decoupaged designs are decorative and should not be burned. Your designs can be destroyed if the candle is burned. In addition, while both Mod Podge and Royal Coat are not flammable, items used with these glues may be.
However, there is a trick if you want to "burn" your decorated candle. Burn the decorated candle until a small well is formed -- a well about the size of a votive candle. Place a small piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the well. Then place the votive candle in the well and burn it. Replace the votive candle as needed.
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