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What types of silkscreens and stencils can I use Erasable Liquid Chalk with?
Erasable Liquid Chalk will work with all of your stencils and silkscreens.
In addition, Martha Stewart Crafts has developed several chalkboard-inspired ones, that allow you to achieve that authentic, hand-illustrated look!
What types of projects can I make using Erasable Liquid Chalk?
You can use the Erasable Liquid Chalk to create a family calendar or chore board, wedding signage, personalize mason jars and storage and many more. The possibilities are endless!
What are the instructions for removing the Erasable Liquid Chalk from my project?
Erasable Liquid Chalk is so easy to remove.
Just use a damp sponge or paper towel to wipe the paint away and then use a dry paper towel to completely remove the paint from the surface. Once completely dry, always re-condition your chalkboard surface after removing the Erasable Liquid Chalk.
When I’ve completed using Erasable Liquid Chalk, do I need to do anything to my chalkboard surface?
No, once fully dry the paint has a no-smudge beautiful chalk effect.
What is the drying time for Erasable Liquid Chalk?
Curing time will vary based on the thickness of the coat applied; average dry time is about one hour.
How many coats of Erasable Liquid chalk should I apply?
Just one coat of Erasable Liquid Chalk is needed to create the look of chalk without the mess.
What is the best way to apply Erasable Liquid Chalk?
A convenient foam pouncer makes stenciling and silkscreening quick and easy. It can also be poured out of the bottle and applied like a regular paint using brushes, pouncers and daubers.
What types of surfaces does Erasable Liquid Chalk work on?
For best results, use it on top of Martha Stewart Crafts® Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint that has been conditioned by lightly rubbing chalk over the surface.
What is Erasable Liquid Chalk?
Erasable Liquid Chalk is a type of paint that performs like chalk but is more durable and long-lasting than regular chalk. Applied like paint, it doesn’t smudge once dry and washes away with a damp sponge leaving no shadow.
What is the best paint application technique to be used with Waverly Inspirations Chalk?
Waverly Inspirations Chalk is best applied using a large bristle brush, like the Waverly Inspirations Chalk Brush. This helps to work the paint into all crevices and corners of your project. Brush paint on using repeated, long swiping motions to achieve a smooth finish.
The Waverly Inspirations Chalk Brush is great for large projects and the Small Chalk Brush from the Combo Set is perfect for smaller scale projects. These brushes have special bristles that allow them to hold the maximum amount of paint, requiring you to re-load your brush less frequently. The tapered bristles allows you to easily get paint into grooves and details on your furniture.
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