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Make a casing for the dowel by folding back the top flap(s), in half to form a 1” wide casing. Use one strand of loss and sew a slipstitch (see diagram) to the back of the felt to secure. Insert dowel through casing.
Make the hanging cord by folding the acrylic yarn in half. Tie a knot in one end and slip it through the split at the end of the dowel. Twist yarn until it starts to kink, then knot end and slip it through the other end of the dowel. Push ball finials onto the ends of the dowel.
We recommend that you spot clean your calendar or banner as needed. These items should not be put in a washing machine, nor should they be immersed in water. DO NOT WRING THEM. Hang or lay flat to dry once spot cleaning is completed.
After the year has ended you can still enjoy your project by cutting out the motifs from your calendar to make magnets, ornaments, scrapbook covers or appliqué designs.

First spray the back with spray adhesive and press a piece of white felt the size of the calendar on the back. Allow to dry. Then cut the calendar up as desired.

Felt and sequined calendar pieces are not washable. Do not apply them to fabric that must be washed.
Refer to the sequin table (usually found on page 2) in your kit’s instruction packet. While some sequins may require colored beads, most require clear beads. The clear bead will enhance the color of the sequin creating sparkle and vibrancy.

If you would rather have colored beads to match colored sequins, you can find matching seed beads at most craft stores.

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