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Will you service a Plaid item that I bought second hand?
We only guarantee items that have been purchased from a major retailer or directly from Plaid.
How can I stencil out only one part of a design of a single layer stencil without getting the paint into adjacent areas?
When you wish to use only one part of a design, tape over the cutout areas near it with stencil tape. Sometimes this is done to stencil part of the design with one color and other parts with another color. If you then want to include the areas you masked out, remove the tape, tape over the areas you previously stenciled with the first color, and stencil the next areas with the second color.
How do I prepare a wood piece or plywood paneling for stenciling?
For unfinished wood: Apply a base stain or clean wood sealer and allow adequate time to dry. After stenciling, wait 2-3 days and apply waterbase varnish to finish. Test a small section before applying the finish coat. Choose waterbase finishes; oil-base polyurethane can yellow the surface.
For pre-finished paneling: Wash to remove wax or dirt. If applying a glaze for a pickled look, test the color in an inconspicuous place. IF paneling has a glossy finish, paint may not adhere to it. In that case, paint paneling with a bonder/primer such as BIN or KILZ. After stenciling, roll on one or two coats of waterbase varnish for maximum scrubbability. Be sure not to layer water and oil based paints together.
How do I prepare a painted wall for stenciling?
If the existing paint is in good condition and is the color you want, be sure the wall is clean and free of dust and grease. If the paint looks tired or you want to change the color, paint the wall with either latex or oil-base paint in an eggshell or matte finish. Two coats usually are required for an even finish. Flat paint is a fine surface for stenciling; if you are planning to glaze the wall before stenciling, use satin or semi-gloss paint.
How do you stencil on rough textured walls?
Textured walls can be stenciled and faux finished. Choose a more open, flowing design and test the design on a small area before you tackle the entire room.
Do I have to remove wallpaper on my walls before stenciling?
There's no need to remove wallpaper before stenciling. Check to see that the paper is secure on the wall and that all seams are glued. Repair as needed. Paint over wallpaper with a flat or satin finish oil-base paint or primer specifically designed for covering wallpaper. Don't layer oil based products over water based. Apply at least two coats. A faux finish can visually distract the eye from seams or uneven elements in a papered wall.
You can stencil directly onto matte finished wallpaper to add dimension to a room. The stenciling should be light enough to let the background color and texture show through. Be sure the surface is free of dirt, dust and grease.
How can I obtain technical advice or help with using Plaid's products?
Our Consumer Advisory Team would love to help.
Call them at:
1-800-842-4197, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
You can write to us at:
Consumer Advisory Team
Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
3225 Westech Dr.
Norcross, GA 30092-3500
Or send us an e-mail from the "Talk to Plaid" section of this website.
Does Plaid have a program that will pay me for using Plaid products in published magazine articles, books or pattern packets?
The Pay for Publication program will pay you for products used in published articles and projects and for demonstrating Plaid products on television. Find more information here or contact:
Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
Attn: Shauna Lallatin
3225 Westech Dr.
Norcross, GA 30092-3500

You may email Shauna Lallatin instead at
Can I sell Plaid products on my website?
Yes, you may sell Plaid products online. If you would like to find a distributor of Plaid products or open an account with Plaid, please call our Customer Service Department at 800-842-4196.

EXCEPTION: If the product is a licensed design (ie: Disney, Mary Engelbreit, etc.) you MAY NOT sell online. You must contact the licensor to obtain permission to sell online.
Can I use Plaid products and patterns to make items for resale?
Yes, you may use our products and patterns to make projects to sell at craft shows and other smaller venues. You may not mass produce these projects without written permission from Plaid.

EXCEPTION: You MAY NOT make projects for resale using licensed designs (ie: Mary Engelbreit, Alma Lynne, etc). This is a violation of copyright laws. Specific inquiries should be addressed directly to the licensors of licensed designs.
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