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Do I need to prep my surface before applying Waverly Inspirations Chalk?
The benefit of painting with Waverly Inspirations Chalk is that no prep work such as sanding, stripping or priming is needed.
When painting on previously used furniture, simply clean the surface using a glass cleaner to remove dirt or dust particles. When painting on glass surfaces, make sure to clean surface using rubbing alcohol.
How do I create a distressed look using Waverly Inspirations Chalk?
Distressed areas are usually found on surface edges where it would appear to have been worn with time. There are multiple simple techniques to achieve a beautiful time-worn, distressed look.

Sanding/Dry Distressing: Creating the distressed look is easy and can be achieved using one color or combining multiple colors. For one color application, simply paint project desired color. For multiple color application, paint base color first. Allow to dry 2 hours between coats. Paint top color over base color, allow to dry for 2 hours. Once the top paint color is dry, begin sanding to distress using medium grit sandpaper. After distressing a one color application, the base surface will appear. After distressing a multiple color application, the base color will appear.

Wet Distressing: Immediately after painting the top color of paint, use a damp cloth to wipe away paint from areas where distressing is desired. After distressing a one color application, the base surface will appear. After distressing a multiple color application, the base color will appear.

How do I use the Waverly Inspirations White Wax?
For best results, it is recommended to first apply Waverly Inspirations Clear Wax, let dry and buff. The Clear Wax on the project surface makes it easier to move the White Wax around and achieve your desired finish. Then apply Waverly Inspirations White Wax on top of the Clear Wax layer. While the White Wax is still wet, quickly wipe excess wax off of surface, leaving the white color in the surface recesses.
Wait 24 hours and buff project to desired sheen. Keep waxed surfaces free of moisture and heavy use for 7 days. For additional protection on heavily used surfaces, apply Clear Wax every 6 to 12 months, or as needed. Clean up while wet with soap and water. The Antiquing Wax can be applied the same way as the White Wax, leaving dark brown color in the recessed areas. For indoor use only.
How long does Waverly Inspirations Chalk take to dry?
For best results, wait 2 hours between each coat of paint. Allow 24 hours for paint to fully cure.
How many bottles of Waverly Inspirations Chalk do I need for my project?
Each 8oz bottle of Waverly Inspirations Chalk covers approximately 20 sq. feet.
How resistant to fading is Waverly Inspirations Chalk?
All Waverly Inspirations Chalk paints are very fade resistant. Its highly pigmented formula ensures superior coverage and a long lasting finish.
How should I clean my project surfaces after Waverly Inspirations Wax has been applied?
Clean project surfaces with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and mild soap. Consumer furniture polishes are also suitable for regular cleaning of waxed surfaces
Is it difficult to achieve the distressed look?
It's easy to achieve a distressed look with Waverly Inspirations Chalk.
Once top coat of paint has dried, simply sand the surface with sandpaper until the base coat of paint or the raw surface shows through. When satisfied with the distressed look, wipe project surface with a damp cloth to remove access sanding dust. For a lightly distressed look, simply sand the corners, edges and details of the piece. For a heavily distressed look, sand corners, edges, details and smooth areas of surfaces so that more of the surface shows through.
My Waverly Inspirations Chalk has paint clumps in it. What should I do?
This is perfectly normal and happens overtime as air becomes trapped in the top portion of the paint bottle after it has been opened. With each use, it's best to remove the clumps before stirring paint.
With each use, it's best to remove the clumps before stirring paint.
What if my Waverly Inspirations Antique or White Wax is applied too heavy in one area, can I remove it?
Yes, you can remove wax before it dries. Simply wet the area with Clear Wax and continue to wipe away the undesired excess.
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