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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about your favorite Plaid products? Search our frequently asked question library for answers on how to use our craft paints, decoupage products, stitchery kits, and more.

What is needlepoint?

Needlepoint is usually worked on canvas that is printed with the design. You fill in the design areas with yarn. Needlepoint is “full coverage” which means that no canvas is exposed when the design is complete. The design is usually worked up with wool yarn in a continenta...

What is crewel?

Crewel is usually worked on linen that is stamped with the outline of the design. You follow the chart to fill in the areas. The design is worked up with wool yarn on a satin stitch.

What is the difference between a whipstitch and a slipstitch?

Nothing- they are the same stitch, but people sometimes call them by different names.

What is the difference between embroidering a buttonhole and blanket stitch?

Nothing, they are the same stitch used for different purposes. The buttonhole stitch IS the blanket stitch worked as closely together as possible on either side of the slit made in fabric where the button hole will be. The blanket stitch usually has space between each stitch...

Why should you use a hoop when working a needlecraft project?

Using a hoop makes it much easier to complete the stitching. When the fabric is stretched taut, it makes the hole as big as possible, which allows the needle to slip easily in and out of the holes. Hoops also allow for better control and more uniform stitch work.

How can I prevent my base fabric from showing through my stitches?

Experiment with the tension on your thread or yarn. You may be pulling your stitches too tight.

How can I prevent my stitches from looking lumpy?

Experiment with the tension on your thread or yarn. You are probably stitching too loose.

How can I get a more secure mount when using stretcher bars for my needlework?

Tape the edges of your fabric to get a more secure mount when using stretcher bars. This will also help prevent your fabric from slipping.

Do you have any tips on the best way to thread a needle?

Separate the strands of floss Take one strand and double it (most cross stitches require 2 strands, while back stitches require just one.) Thread the looped end of the strand through the eye of the needle Pull the loop to the bottom NEVER make knots in your floss, so as t...

How do I stitch a cross stitch on Aida fabric?

Cross-stitches are completed in a row or if necessary, can be done one at a time in an area. Stitching is done by coming up through a hole between woven threads at A. Then go down at B, the hole diagonally across from A. Come back up at C and down at D, etc. Complete the top...
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