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Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts® High Gloss Finish on a flexible surface?
No. Use only on static surfaces. Bending may crack and peel the finish.
When using Martha Stewart Crafts ® High Gloss Finish should I shake the bottle to mix?
No. Do not shake the bottle. Roll the bottle on a tabletop several times to mix thoroughly.
Can I use Martha Stewart Crafts ® High Gloss Finish outdoors?
Yes, providing that the finished piece is not directly exposed to the elements. Display project in protected areas.
How should I mix Martha Stewart Crafts ® Gloss Spray Medium?
Mix 1 part gloss spray medium to 1 part Martha Stewart Crafts High Gloss, Metallic or Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint in the bottle provided in the kit. Do not use with glitter paint. Tip: Pour the spray medium into the bottle first for easier mixing. Replace bottle cap and shake thoroughly. Do not fill above shoulder line.
When using Martha Stewart Crafts ® Gloss Spray Medium, what surfaces can I paint?
You can use this on wood, tin, ceramic, glass, terra cotta, canvas, plastic, papier-mâché, Styrofoam, and plaster.
When using Martha Stewart Crafts ® Gloss Spray Medium, how should I clean my tools?
After spraying on paint, immediately remove sprayer from the bottle. Replace cap and store unused paint mixture. Remove plastic tube and rinse under running water. Reattach tube and place in a cup of water. Spray away from you until water runs clear.
What type of tools can I use with Martha Stewart Crafts ® High Gloss Finish?
Always use a soft bristle brush. Using a foam pouncer may add air bubbles to your finish.
Is it necessary to seal or varnish FolkArt Marbling Paint?

Projects created using FolkArt Marbling Paints MUST be sealed. Project surfaces can be spray sealed using FolkArt Acrylic Lacquers (Matte, Satin, or Gloss Finishes) or brushed with FolkArt Artists’ Varnish (Satin or Gloss).

Note: Before storing finished marbled projects, surfaces should be sealed to keep projects from sticking to one another.

How can I increase the amount of shine on my FolkArt® Shiny project?
To increase the amount of shine on a project, apply multiple coats of FolkArt® Shiny. If still a higher gloss is still desired, apply FolkArt® Gloss Varnish after paint is dry.
What are FolkArt® Shinys?
FolkArt® Shinys are a line of high gloss paints that are heavily pigmented just like the original FolkArt® Acrylics. They were created to allow consumers to achieve a “shiny” finish without applying a varnish or sealer.
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