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My Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor paint has clumps in it! What should I do?
Over time, that is perfectly natural. As air becomes trapped in the top portion of the paint bottle (after it has been opened and paint used) a paint skin may form.
With each paint use, it is best to remove the top skin before stirring the paint.
How do I properly load my FolkArt Milk Paint Brush?
Whether using FolkArt Milk Paint directly on an unfinished surface or applying Folk Art Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer to a project surface, load a FolkArt Milk Paint brush by dipping into the prepared bowl of milk paint or bonding primer, then wipe the bristles along the inside of the bowl to remove excess paint/primer drips.
Should I “scrub” the FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on Paint into the fabric while painting?
When applying the paint, use enough brush pressure to press the FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paint into the fabric, by doing this, you will increase the adhesion of the paint to the fabric.
Can FolkArt® Texture Paint be used on outdoor surfaces and projects?
Yes, FolkArt® Texture Paint can be used on outdoor surfaces and projects if they are protected from the elements. If they will be exposed to the elements, they need to be sealed with FolkArt® Outdoor Varnish.
Can FolkArt® Texture Paint be applied to a flexible surface?
FolkArt® Texture Paint should not be applied to flexible surfaces because it may crack.
Can I mix FolkArt® Texture Paint with extender or water?
No you should not mix FolkArt® Texture Paint with extender or water. Mixing with any other liquid may increase cracking.
Is FolkArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint food safe?
Although the paint is non-toxic, it should never come in contact with food. When painting a glass, keep painted design below 8/10" or 2 cm from the lip; and when painting plates, paint only on the rim of the plate that will not come in contact with food or reverse glass paint in the center.
What size artwork is available in the Paint by Number kits?
The proven most popular size of Paint by Number artwork is 16” x 20” and designs are available in either horizontal or vertical formats.
How many paint colors are included in each kit?
Our everyday line of Paint by Number kits includes 24 paint pots. Our licensed kits, which feature Saturday Evening Post, Smithsonian, and Thomas Kinkade, include 32 paint pots to achieve the authenticity and details of the painting.
Can FolkArt Milk Paint be used to stencil a design on my furniture?
Yes. FolkArt Milk Paint can be used when stenciling your milk-painted project.
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