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How do I paint a One Stroke™ teardrop petal?
Load the flat brush with Dioxazine Purple and School Bus Yellow. Touch chisel edge of brush.
Pull the brush into a curve.
End brush on the chisel edge.
How do you paint a One Stroke™ thistle?
Load flat brush with Dioxazine Purple and Wicker White, as shown. Touch chisel edge and flip away from you.
Make petals that angle away from the stem, as shown in photo.
How do you paint One Stroke™ grass?
First, load the flat brush with Ticket and Sunflower. Start on chisel edge.
Then pull strokes upward. Do not tilt wrist.
Is it better to apply thin coats or thick coats of the FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint?
It is best to apply several thin coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry between coats.
Can I use water to thin FolkArt Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint?
Thinning FolkArt Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint is not necessary, as it is manufactured to the perfect consistency to create a variety of paint poured or marbled effects using either the Direct Pour Method or Dirty Pour Method.
How should I clean my tools after using FolkArt Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint?
Because FolkArt Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint is a water-based paint rather than a solvent-based product, cleanup is easy using soap and water.
If FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint has settled in the bottle, should it be shaken prior to using it?

Yes, before using, shake or stir Brush Lettering Paint well to mix until the color is uniform.

Can FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint be used on outdoor surfaces?
Yes, FolkArt Brush Lettering Paint can be used on outdoor surfaces; however, make sure to seal the project once dried and cured. Otherwise, the metallic finishes will tarnish and become dull when exposed to outdoor elements.
How do I properly load my FolkArt Milk Paint Brush?
Whether using FolkArt Milk Paint directly on an unfinished surface or applying Folk Art Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer to a project surface, load a FolkArt Milk Paint brush by dipping into the prepared bowl of milk paint or bonding primer, then wipe the bristles along the inside of the bowl to remove excess paint/primer drips.
What is the paint cure time when working with Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor paint?
Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Chalk paint will dry to the touch almost immediately, however it will take 24 hours before fully cured to the surface. The wax fully cures in 7 days.
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