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How do I cross stitch on evenweave fabric?
Cross-stitches on evenweave are worked over two fabric threads, so the finished “x” covers a four-thread square.
Stitching is done by coming up through a hole between woven threads at A. Then go down at B, the hole diagonally across from A. Come back up at C and down at D, etc. Complete the top stitches to create an “X.” All top stitches should lie in the same direction.
How do you create a french knot in cross stitch?
These are decorative knots completed after all other stitching is finished.
Come up at A; loosely wrap floss once around needle. Place needle at B, next to A. Pull floss taut as you push needle down through fabric. Carry floss across back of work between knots.
How do you create a lazy daisy stitch for embroidery or cross stitch?
These fun stitches are decorative loops held in place with a tack stitch at the end of the loop.
Bring needle up at A. Make a loose loop with the thread and insert needle back in A and bring point of needle up at B (just inside loop). Pull needle out at B and insert back in at B, over the loop.
Are Bucilla Baby items easy to stitch?
Yes, most of the Bucilla Baby ensembles have the design stamped on them. This makes stitching easier than traditional counted cross-stitch.
What stitches do I need to know in order to complete my Bucilla Baby project?
Cross-stitch and simple embroidery stitches are used in Bucilla Baby kits. Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams to complete the project.
How do you embroider with the backstitch?
Back stitches are completed after cross-stitches and each stitch is made the same length as one cross-stitch.
Pull the needle through at the point marked A. Then go down at the point marked B. Come back up at C and down at D.
How long will each kit take to complete?
Depending on your skill level, kits can be completed in as little as one day to one week.
What skill level is required for completing each kit?
The kits range from beginner to intermediate.
Is everything that is needed to complete the project included in the kit?
Yes, all kits include fabric, needle, floss, instruction sheet, and any accessories (such as plastic frame or hoop) that are required for finishing the kit.
Do Bucilla Baby kits come with everything I need to complete the project?
Yes, Bucilla Baby kits include cotton embroidery floss, needle and simple to follow instructions and diagrams.
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