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Should I “scrub” the FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on Paint into the fabric while painting?
When applying the paint, use enough brush pressure to press the FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paint into the fabric, by doing this, you will increase the adhesion of the paint to the fabric.
When fabric painting, do I need to scrub FolkArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint into the fabric?
When painting on fabric, use enough brush pressure to press paint into the fabric fibers which will increase the adhesive properties.
Is it necessary to heat set a fabric project when using Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Fabric Paint?

Yes, heat-setting is recommended to maximize the durability of your fabric decorated with Fantasy Glitter fabric paint. To heat-set your project, follow the instructions below:

  1. Allow the decorated fabric to dry overnight.
  2. Heat an iron to the highest setting allowed for the decorated fabric.
  3. Keeping the heated iron dry, position the project fabric decorated-side up and then lay a pressing cloth over the fabric.
  4. Without using steam, press the decorated fabric area for 15 seconds, lift the iron and move to another section.
  5. Continue until the entire design area has been heat-set.
How long does it take for the Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Fabric Paint to dry and cure?

Generally, Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paints dry within two hours; however, it can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the thickness of application as well as the humidity of your work area. The decorated fabric surface will be cured in 72 hours.

How should I launder fabrics decorated with Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Fabric Paint?

Once heat-set, a project painted with Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paints can be machine-laundered on the gentle cycle; however, to preserve the life and durability of your decorated fabric, it is always best to hand-wash in cold water and allow to air-dry.

Where can I learn more about Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Fabric Paint?
You can learn more about this product by reading the complete Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter FAQ document.
Should I use water to thin the Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Ink?
No, Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Inks are formulated in the perfect consistency to be used directly from the bottle.
Thinning these paints with water will not only dilute the paint possibly causing bleed through when stamping; it will also lessen the adhesion properties of the paint and possibly create a dirty unusable stamp because the thinned paint will flow into the delicate recessed areas of the stamp rather than sitting on the raised design lines.
How thick should I apply my FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on Paint?
When applying FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paints to fabric, use a moderately heavy application of paint. It is best to keep your brush full of paint when painting with FolkArt® Fabric™ Brush-on paint, moderate to heavy applications will have greater durability. A lighter application of paint will have less durability.
How do I stencil on fabric?
1. Pre-wash and dry fabric. This will remove the sizing that comes in new fabric and help the paint bond better with the fibers.
2. Place and secure fabric over a plastic-covered or waxed cardboard to create a firm surface for stenciling and to prevent bleed-through to any other part of the fabric.
3. Load stencil brush by dabbing into paint puddle and circle on a paper towel to disperse the paint into the bristles and remove the excess. You can always go back and add more paint, however, an overloaded brush can cause an instant smudge that is next to impossible to remove from fabric.)
4. Apply paint with either a pouncing or circular stroke. Let fabric thoroughly dry, at least 36 hours.
5. Heat set by placing cloth over the stenciling and applying concentrated heat, at the wool setting, for several minutes. Launder or dry clean as you would any delicate fabric.
Should I prewash the fabric to remove sizing before painting using Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Fabric Paints?

Yes, all fabrics should be prewashed using soap and water following the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Most denim fabrics should be washed multiple times in hot water to remove thoroughly the sizing in the fabric. DO NOT use liquid fabric softener or dryer sheet as doing so may prevent the paint from adhering to your fabric properly. If your garment is wrinkled, you may iron the fabric as instructed on the garment label; however, DO NOT use spray starch as that, too, may prevent the paint from adhering to your fabric properly.

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