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Is FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint fade resistant?
FolkArt® Chalkboard Paint uses the same durable pigments as FolkArt® Acrylic Paints, however, direct sunlight will dilute the color over a span of several years.
Can I tint FolkArt® Texture Paint with other paints?
No, tinting FolkArt® Texture Paint with other paints may change the properties of the Texture Paint.
How should I apply FolkArt Milk Paint to a surface prepared with FolkArt Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer?
After allowing FolkArt Milk Paint Bonding Primer & Sealer to thoroughly dry (approximately four hours), the surface can be painted with FolkArt Milk Paint. Follow the same paint application instructions as for painting on an unfinished surface.
How should I care for my Mod Podge Extreme Glitter project surface?
A decoupaged surface using Mod Podge Extreme Glitter should be intended for indoor decorative purposes only as it is not dishwasher or washing machine safe, or safe for outdoor decorations.
To clean your project, wipe using a damp soft cloth, do not fully immerse in water.
On what type of surfaces can I use Mod Podge Extreme Glitter?
Mod Podge Extreme Glitter can be applied directly onto a variety of surfaces such as: wood, tin, terra cotta, canvas, papier mache and even glass or ceramics when the finished glass surface will be used for decorative purposes only.
Can FolkArt® Texture Paint be applied to a flexible surface?
FolkArt® Texture Paint should not be applied to flexible surfaces because it may crack.
Can I mix FolkArt® Texture Paint with extender or water?
No you should not mix FolkArt® Texture Paint with extender or water. Mixing with any other liquid may increase cracking.
Can FolkArt Milk Paint be used to stencil a design on my furniture?
Yes. FolkArt Milk Paint can be used when stenciling your milk-painted project.
Can FolkArt Milk Paint be used on outdoor surfaces?
No, FolkArt Milk Paint is formulated for indoor surfaces only.
Is a sealer or varnish needed with FolkArt® Outdoor™ paint?
No, unless used on a water saturated surface, such as a bird bath. The FolkArt® lacquers are ideal for outdoor use and are compatible with FolkArt® Outdoor™ paint.
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