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How to Use FolkArt Glaze

FolkArt Glaze

With FolkArt Glaze, you can create an antiqued finish or add dimensional details to furniture, cabinets, frames and most craft and home decor surfaces. These unique formulas seal as glaze and work well over chalk paint, milk paint, acrylic and latex paints. The water-based, non-toxic glazes are suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

FolkArt Glaze Frequently Asked Questions

Is FolkArt Glaze non-toxic?
Yes, FolkArt Glaze is non-toxic. 

On what surfaces can I use FolkArt Glaze? 
FolkArt Glaze can be applied to most painted surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, canvas, rigid plastic, papier mache, metal, glass and ceramics. It works beautifully over chalk, milk, acrylic and latex paints. FolkArt Glaze works best when applied to surfaces with dimensional details.

Should I shake FolkArt Glaze before using?
Yes, because FolkArt Glaze may settle over time between uses, it is best to shake the bottle well to fully incorporate the glaze mixture prior to using.

What is the best way to apply FolkArt Glaze?
Brush FolkArt Glaze directly onto the base-coated surface. Simply flip up the top and squeeze to load a palette with glaze. While still wet, lightly wipe over glazed surface with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove excess FolkArt Glaze allowing glaze to remain on the surface in recessed or detailed areas. FolkArt Glaze can also be speckled on a surface using an old toothbrush or stiff bristled brush allowing tiny flyspecks of glaze to accent the surface.  

Is FolkArt Glaze formulated for outdoor surfaces? 
Yes, FolkArt Glaze is formulated so that it can be used on exterior surfaces as well as interior surfaces.

Can FolkArt Glaze be used with other paint products? 
No, direct mixing of FolkArt Glaze with other paint products will compromise the color and finish. 

How long does it take FolkArt Glaze to cure? 
While FolkArt Glaze will be dry to the touch very quickly, it will take approximately 24 hours before it is cured to the surface. Once cured to the project surface, it is water- and fade-resistant under normal conditions.

How should I clean up my painting tools after working with FolkArt Glaze?
Clean painting tools immediately after use, while still wet, with soap and warm water. 

Learn more by downloading the complete FAQ below. 

How to Use FolkArt Glaze