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It's Springtime... Let's Learn How to Paint a Brustroke Butterfly with Priscilla Hauser

It is definitely Spring time here in the southeast!  With the warm Spring air and sunshine comes the desires to dig in the dirt, plant flowers and begin our gardens.  I love when my garden is in full bloom because it is so fun to watch the beauty of butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower!

However, today we don't have to wait for blooming flower gardens to enjoy Priscilla Hauser's brushstroke "flutterbies!"    Priscilla can teach us all how to properly load a brush and how to paint a combination of simply brushstrokes to create four very fun butterflies!

Let's gather our supplies:

  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints - Wicker White
  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints - Citrus Green
  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints - Perfect Purple
  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints - Cobalt Blue
  • FolkArt Multi-surface Paints - Teal
  • FolkArt Painting Stencil - Small Swirl Background
  • FolkArt Paint Tools - Detail Dabuers
  • 6" x 6" Wood Canvas Panels (4)
  • Miscellaneous Supplies:  Brush Basin or container for water, Paper Towels, Foam Plate (for palette), 3/4" Flat Brush (for basecoating), No. 10 Filbert Brush, No. 1 Liner Brush, Fine Grit Sandpaper, Stencil or Painter's Tape, Palette Knife (for mixing mat color), Tracing Paper, White Chalk, Dead Ballpoint Pen or Artist's Stylus, Butterfly pattern found here.

One of the things that makes this cute foursome wall grouping, is that the mat and trim are all painted too.  Priscilla shows us all how to create a fun painted mat border and then takes it to the next level to share with us how an adorable swirl design stencil can be used to create a very interesting embellishment!   All the written step-by-step instructions for this cute butterfly foursome can be found here.  But first, let's take another look at each wood canvas panel.  Each canvas panel uses only three colors!  Here is a closer look at the Yellow Citron, Wicker White and Licorice color combination.....

On this wood canvas panel, Priscilla painted and stenciled using Perfect Purple, Wicker White and Licorice, so fun!

For the painters who enjoy values of blues .. Cobalt Blue, Wicker White and Licorice!

And our last shout out is for Teal, Wicker White and Licorice!  Isn't it fun to see the exact same pattern / design and stencil used with a variety of tone-on-tone color combinations?  I love it!

And now I would like to share with you a step-by-step video that we created with Priscilla to demonstrate just how easy these "flutterbies" are to paint!  Settle in and watch Priscilla show us how ..... you will enjoy!

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