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Bucilla Paper Stitching - Learn How to Back Stitch!

Bucilla Paper Stitching - Learn How to Back Stitch!

Bucilla, America's most beloved needlework brand for over 148 years, has done it yet again! For generations, Bucilla has offered classic, traditional, heirloom and modern stitchery products for needle crafters of all ages. 

We are excited now to introduce Paper Stitching to the Bucilla family.  This is the latest in fun, quick and easy stitching, perfect for beginners too! 

Paper Stitching is new, fresh and a creative way to learn simple embroidery stitches such as the Back Stitch all on paper.  Each Paper Stitching kit designed by Aimee Ray offers either a collection of printed whimsical designs on note cards or tags perfect for letter writing and gift giving! Learn all about how to back stitch with paper here, or check out the tutorial video below!

Bucilla Paper Stitching Kits designed by Aimee Ray

*  Sweet Sentiments Note Cards

*  Thank you Gift Tags

*  Nature Note Cards

Let's learn how-to make a simple Paper Stitching note card! 

Included in each kit:

*  Four different young and fresh whimsical designs printed on cardstock note cards

*  Four white envelopes to match

*  Embroidery floss

*  Embroidery needle

*  Instructions available in three languages, English, Spanish and French as well as a stitching diagram

Besides the items available in the Paper Stitching kit, gather a few household items such as:

*  Thick craft foam

*  White craft glue

*  Pencil

*  Scissors

*  Scrapbook paper

*  Hole punching tool - Push pin, Beaded corsage pin (or you can use the embroidery needle available in the kit)

*  Cellophane tape

*  Jewelry pliers (optional)

After organizing the necessary supplies, let's take a couple moments to organize the embroidery floss. Working with clean hands (without hand lotion) untie the embroidery floss knot and separate the embroidery floss into same color groupings.

Before threading a needle with floss, each note card and/or gift tag needs to be punched to create holes for stitching.  To create the stitching holes, several items can be used such as the embroidery needle found in the kit, or a beaded corsage pin or our favorite ... a push pin!

Punch holes into the paper to create a guideline of where stitches will be placed.  To begin, position the notecard over a piece of thick craft foam which provides a firm, yet flexible surface.  Stitching holes are punched where two design lines intersect and if needed, evenly spaced in between.  Additional holes are required when working on a curve.  NOTE:  Be careful not to create holes too close which might weaken the paper support and promote tearing.  And adversely, stitching holes punched too far apart will create long straight stitches.

Shown here, the first hole is punched at the base of a leaf.

The second hole was punched at the tip of the leaf and then at every vein line along one side of the leaf.  Repeat for the opposite side of the leaf.  NOTE:  If the vein lines were not present, evenly space the holes between the base and tip hole.

Once the leaf has been punched, continue punching the flower stem.  Again begin at the base and tip of the stem, then evenly punch a hole between the first two stem holes.

Here's a look at the note card after all the stitching holes have been punched. 

Now let's begin stitching ... Each piece of embroidery floss contains six strands of the same color wound together.  Paper Stitching is completed using three strands of floss threaded through the embroidery needle at one time.  

Separate the six strands pulling one thread out at a time.  Once three individual threads are separated, regroup them matching ends, then thread the embroidery needle.  NOTE:  By separating the threads one at a time and regrouping three of them together, each stitch will be fuller and fluffier.  You also will have less chance of threads twirling and knotting.

Now, let's learn how to create a Back Stitch.  Following the diagram below, the Back Stitch is easily accomplished.  Pull the needle threaded with three strands of embroidery floss up from the back of the project at POINT A. 

Pull the needle and threads through the hole leaving a short tail of threads.  On Paper Stitching projects, these tail threads are taped to the back of the paper, not knotted.

Direct the needle backwards into POINT B and pull the needle and threads all the way through to the backside.   One Back Stitch has been completed.

To continue with a second Back Stitch, direct the needle from the back at POINT C and pull through to the top.

Direct the needle backwards into POINT A and pull all threads through; a second Back Stitch has been completed!

Now stitching the note card, we will begin with green embroidery floss and stitch a leaf first.  Insert the embroidery needle from the back of the design one hole up from the hole at the base of the leaf.  Pull the threads through leaving approximately 1/2" tail on the back.  Secure the thread ends to the back of the note card using a piece of cellophane tape.  

TIP:  Taping the thread ends rather than knotting will keep your work smooth and bump-free!

Going backwards, position the needle into the stitching hole at the base of the leaf.  Pull the needle and all embroidery threads through the hole to the backside.  Voila!  A Back Stitch is complete!

Moving onto the second Back Stitch, bring the needle up through the next stitching hole along the side of the leaf.  Pull the needle and embroidery threads through. 

Directing the stitch backwards, position the needle into the same hole you began with.  Pull the needle and embroidery floss through the hole; then pull taut.  Continue the same motions of moving forward from the underneath and moving backward from the top of the note card. 

After stitching one leaf and stem, secure approximately 1/2" thread end with cellophane tape to the back of the note card before moving to a new stitching area using the same color.  Continue Back Stitching all green areas... three stems and two leaves.  NOTE:  Be sure to hold the paper note card securely in your hand while pulling the embroidery floss through.

Remember to begin and end all threads by securing them to the back of the note card using cellophane tape.  After completing all green areas, change the floss color to stitch the cute fox.  Use the same Back Stitch technique to begin the fox body.

Continue Back Stitching until the entire fox body has been stitched.  If desired, switch colors one more time to stitch the fox's nose a darker brown floss.  

TIP:  (OPTIONAL) Depending on the size of the stitching hole and how many times you might need to stitch in the same hole, a pair of jewelry pliers may help when pulling the needle and threads through the same hole.  However, using the push pin to create these holes, it was not necessary to use the jewelry pliers .... just a helpful hint if your stitching holes are tiny!

And here you have it!  The Paper Stitching note card "Thinking of You" is completely stitched as shown on the kit package!  It was fun, easy and very quick to complete!

If you would like to see what the back of the stitching looks like, here is a close look.  Remember, all thread ends were secured with cellophane tape.  The stitched note card is complete as is, however, if desired, you can create a more detailed, finished card by covering the back of the stitching.

Lay sheet of scrapbook paper face down onto your work surface, position the note card face down over the scrapbook paper and trace around the note card shape using a pencil.  Cut along the traced pencil lines on the scrapbook paper and set aside.

To adhere the scrapbook paper, you can use double sided tape or apply a small bead of white craft glue along the note card edge then smooth out prior to adhering the scrapbook paper.

Now, you no longer see the back of the stitching and the Paper Stitching note card has that designer, professional touch!

Bucilla Paper Stitching by designer Aimee Ray

Sweet Sentiments fox note card completed as shown on the package!

And should you desire ... take it to the next level .... Stitch the blue petals and yellow flower centers for extra pizzazz!

One final look at the two cards completed!  I can tell you these Paper Stitching projects are so cute, easy to complete and super fun to stitch!  Won't you try one today?

Find Bucilla Paper Stitching Kits at or at your local Hobby Lobby stores.

Need further instruction? Check out the full tutorial video below!

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