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DIY Blog Color Crush : Alice & Lois

DIY Blog Color Crush : Alice & Lois

We spy color-crushing craft hits! Bubblegum pink, minty green, and sugared peach - oh my! We’re profiling our favorite pastel projects by twin team Alice & Lois. The DIY super sisters (whose names are actually Sara & Melissa) have been killing it all summer long. Their simple tips, tricks, and easy to follow instructions will have you tuned in every week. We’ve featured our absolute faves just for you! Make sure to pop over and visit all of their charming tutorials and see why we have this fun blog in our bookmark bar.
DIY Polka Painted Favor Bags by Alice & Lois 

Party favor bags aren't just fun to make in preparation for parties- they're great to keep around the house for last minute gift wrap or for filling with treats for your children's bookbags or lunchboxes! All you need is a handful of little muslin bags and some foam stamps. If you don't have foam stamps handy, you can use the eraser end of a pencil for tiny, precise dots. Delightful!

Mod Podge Painted Wood Block Nursery Art by Alice & Lois 

Whether you're decorating a nursery, a kitchen nook, or a child's study space, these decoupaged wooden blocks are sure to please! Super easy to execute, this sweet little project will add a pop of color to whatever space you choose. 

DIY Foam Macaron Stamp by Alice + Lois 

Stamps are really having a moment right now. I love the idea that, if you can't find the exact stamp you're looking for at the store, your own customized stamp is just a sheet of foam paper away! These mini macaron stamps are perfect for sweet little gift tags, customized wrapping paper, or even a birthday party invite!

DIY Wood Bead Hair Ties By Alice & Lois 

Hair ties will always serve a practical purpose, but aren't they so much more fun to wear when they're decorative? You can customize your very own with an elastic headband and some wooden beads!

DIY Color Block Hangers by Alice & Lois

Let's face it: laundry isn't usually the most exciting chore to do, but we can guarantee that this DIY will lighten the load! These painted color block hangers are almost too pretty to put in your closet- display your favorite dress on a hook or turn one of the hangers into the base of a mobile!

DIY Stencil Wall Art by Alice & Lois

Wall art doesn't have to be expensive! All you need for this minimalistic DIY is a roll of kraft paper, letter stencils, and paint. You can quickly and easily create large scale pieces of artwork for your wall that can be changed out as often as you like without the fear of investing too much time or money in one piece.

DIY Air Dry Clay Painted Bowls by Alice & Lois 

These catch-all bowls are super easy to make and can be used all around the house. Paint the inside of the bowl with metallic paint for a classy, bathroom vanity or neon paint to set atop a child's dresser!

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