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Mod Podge Makeover: The Study Space

Mod Podge Makeover: The Study Space

Congratulations! You made it through the back-to-school hullabaloo. Now to initiate, "Project: Home Organization." This is the perfect time to put the house back together and start on some simple upcycling projects. And what's an upcycling project without Mod Podge, the miracle worker? (Answer: not the ultimate upcycling project!) 

We think the best place to start is the office, or the studying spaces for the kids. Knowing how much your environment affects your work drive is the first step to creating the ultimate study area. When you're surrounded by a neatly organized, aesthetically pleasing physical space, your headspace follows suit. The same goes for a chaotic environment—and we've all been there. Looking back, I never had a designated, structured study space as a kid, and I think it severely weakened my work performance. You don't want to go there! So take a look at the usual studying spot in your house and get ready to revamp the one you have, or create a new one! 

Casey's Wallpaper File Cabinet via Design Sponge 

Everyone needs a good paper storage system, especially for homework assignments and essays collected throughout the year. I never had one, which made finding old documents an almost impossible, exasperating task. Chances are you have one of these lying around the house, but it probably doesn't look like this. I'd guess it's old, metal, unfinished, and drab—not exactly something your kids would be excited to use. But never fear! Mod Podge is here. Grab your favorite wallpaper (like Casey did), and seal the deal with Mod Podge for the drawers, and FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint for the body. Now your kids will find every excuse to use their new cabinet!  

DIY Mousepad via Crafts by Courtney for Mod Podge Rocks! 

I'm in love with this mousepad. It's as simple as that. And even simpler is how to make it! The key components are an awesome piece of scrapbooking paper, a ribbon, and Mod Podge Craft Glue. Tip: if you're like Courtney and can't find the right ribbon color or want to make do with one you already have, you can use FolkArt Multi-Surface for the perfect hue!

Animal Face DIY Pencil Case via Crafts Unleashed 

These adorable pencil cases make the perfect desk accessory—not to mention an incredibly sturdy pencil carrier. Now those tips will never break off or stab you through the case! All you need is Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to make the facial features pop, and you've got yourself a cute and functional desk accessory!  

DIY Covered Book via Caught On A Whim 

What makes writing more fun? When you get to do it inside a beautifully-covered book of course! With these guys lining your study space, you're already off to a stunning start! Grab your favorite fabric and Mod Podge Matte and get covering! 

Pictured at top: Vinyl Chair Makeover via a Beautiful Mess
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