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9 Ways To Use Paint That You've Never Seen Before

Brushes need not apply! We’re sharing nine ideas to think beyond the brush when it comes to painting - our team of Plaid Creators were challenged to have ‘fun with FolkArt paint’ this month! From everyday items you’ll find in your kitchen cabinet to the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do with peeled paint, these ideas are sure to inspire.  
Kids (and adults alike) will get a kick out of using straws to make modern art with this bubble blowing technique! 
Made To Be A Momma | Kids Bubble Painting

Use lace as a stencil for a gorgeous, vintage effect.
One Artsy Mama | Lace Stencil Painting

Reach into your kitchen cabinet for tools to get this fab finish! 
Petticoat Junktion | Bottle Brush Distressing Technique


Take a hike! The littles will love collecting leaves to use as stamps! 
Flamingo Toes | Stamping With Leaves


One paint, many purposes! Ashley shows you how to get this gorgous finish with FolkArt Milk Paint. 
Cherished Bliss | How to Dye Fabric With Paint


Know that satisfaction of peeling off the last bit of nail polish? Imagine doing that over and over again... and then creating this pretty piece of art. 
The Pretty Life Girls | Paint Peel Art


When it's time to toss your toothbrush - save it! Use it to get a pretty splatter effect. We like how Erin layered on Gold Leaf for a subtle shine. 
Erin Spain | Gold Leaf Splatter Technique

Express yourself! Get creative with faux embossing.
Positively Splendid | Glue Gun Faux Embossing Technique

We're all about gorgeous geodes - and love the idea of using FolkArt Ultra Dye to make these!
The Cards We Drew | DIY Faux Seashell Geodes
Visit Plaid Online to discover our world of paint, and share your work with us by taggin #plaidcrafts! 
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