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Handmade Holiday Gift Wrap

Handmade Holiday Gift Wrap

Why does wrapping always seem to land on the shoulders of us grown-ups? It’s the per- fect crafting opportunity and by jolly, it’s time kiddos get in on the action! That’s why my family has started the holiday tradition of making our own gift wrap. Handmade gift wrap guarantees that each box is truly one-of-a-kind and inserts a little bit more “you” into the presents you give, making them that much more special for others to receive. I’m already getting excited thinking about my mother’s face when her little grand-helpers hand her gifts covered in something they made themselves.

Here’s some of our favorite ideas for handmade holiday wrap:

Hands big and small can join in making this adorable thumbprint reindeer wrap via Splash of Something. We give it two thumbs and nine reindeer hooves way up!

After perfecting your Christmas Eve recipe for Santa, use cookie cutters to make this scented stamped gift wrap via Nurture Store. Different shapes, sizes, and scents (that’s right, scents!) will guarantee that your wrapping is anything but cookie cutter.

This shakeable confetti wrap via Minieco is really shaking up the wrapping game. Kids will have so much fun watching as colors and shapes move around inside the wrap, they won’t want to stop to open it (that will quickly pass, I assure you). This one is filled with confetti and glitter, but honestly I think you could fill it with just about anything!

Science and art come together in celebration of the holidays with this bubble art wrapping paper via In Leui of Preschool.

Speaking of bubbles... With things being shipped everywhere from here to Timbuktu, this time of year is pretty much covered in bubblewrap. Instead of throwing it away, get some wrapping paper out of it! This bubble wrap stomp art via Mess for Less isn’t necessarily used for wrapping, but we sure think it would be cute if it was! It’s also a fun way to pop all those bubbles, because let’s face it, you were going to do it anyways.

Gather up the odds and ends that fill your kitchen drawers (twine, rubberbands, fruit net- ting... all the usual suspects) and make this rolling pin printed paper via Childhood 101. Each material creates a unique pattern, meaning there are endless possibilities. We defi- nitely want to see what you guys do with this one!

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. No matter how you say it, this potato art gift wrap via Brit + Co is cream of the crop. You can cut out any shape your spud-lovin’ heart desires, but I’m per-sonally partial to this modern geometric print.

Finally, check out this hole-punch confetti wrap via Mondocherry, because every good celebration ends with a hearty helping of confetti. 

That’s a wrap, folks. Merry Crafting :)

Posted: 12/3/2014 7:12:00 AM by LEAP | with 0 comments

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