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How To Create Gorgeous Ornaments Using FolkArt Extreme Glitter!

How To Create Gorgeous Ornaments Using FolkArt Extreme Glitter!

It's mid December, is the tree up?  Is it decorated?  Have you noticed a few bare spots where some fabulous, quick and easy ornaments could be placed?  I have the solution for you.... today I am going to show you just how quick and easy it is to add to those bare spots!

When combining FolkArt Multi-Surface Paints with FolkArt Peel & Stick Stencils the exterior of plain glass ornaments will be transformed into works of beauty!  And the extra pizzazz will come from the interior of the glass ornament with FolkArt Extreme Glitter!  Come along... I'll show you how step-by-step!

Here are a few hand decorated ornaments I offer as inspiration .....

Now let's gather the supplies ....

When decorating glass as a craft surface, always ensure that the glass is thoroughly clean and dry before applying any paint.  You want to make sure the paint will properly adhere.

So I clean my glassware in warm soapy water, rinse well and then allow to dry.  I then moisten a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe over the entire cleaned surface.  TIP:  The rubbing alcohol will remove any remaining dirt, grease or soap residue.  And because I am decorating the interior of the glass ornament, I also remove the ornament cap and swirl the inside with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry as well. 

I knew I was going to stencil the word "J O Y" to the front of my glass ornament so I painted three blocks of color in varying sizes across the front of the glass ornament.  I began with a large rectangle shaped box in Lime Green.  Simply load the No. 10 flat brush with Lime Green and paint the large rectangle box.  Allow to dry and as necessary reapply the paint until the box is opaque.

I painted the middle box as an Apple Red square and smaller in size than the first box.  Again allow the paint to thoroughly dry between applications.   TIP:  If you try to rush the paint applications, you could "lift" the previous application of paint.  Be patient and allow each application to dry. 

The last and third box is another large rectangle shape and I painted it Classic Green.  You can see here all three boxes in varying sizes.  I'll add another coat or two to the Classic Green and I'll be good to go onto the next step ....

If you are following and painting along with me, I know you are having fun, however, the "real" fun of decorating our boxes is about to happen ... you'll love this touch!

Load a 1/4" dauber with Wicker White and paint a pattern of white polka dots on the Lime Green box.

Next, load the No. 2 flat brush with Wicker White and paint diagonal stripes on the middle Apple Red box.  It is ok if you overlap the edges of the box slightly.  TIP:  If needed, the tip of a craft knife can "clean up" any edges of extended paint once it is thoroughly dry. 

Still painting with the No. 2 flat brush loaded with Wicker White, paint an overlapping pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes (creating a plaid) on the Classic Green rectangle box.  Allow to dry.  And here's a look at all three boxes.

Now load the No. 1 liner brush with Lime Green and retrace the Wicker White painted plaid pattern on the Classic Green box shape. 

At this time, the painted boxes are ready for stenciling!  I choose the word "J O Y" from the stencil Happy Words.  I like this typeface and it will add to the festive look for this hand painted ornament.  Simply position the "J" over the Lime Green and polka dot box; press into place.  Load a 1/4" dauber with Pure Black and lightly dab up and down over the opening of the stencil until the letter is solid black or opaque.

Lift to reveal the letter "J".

Reposition the stencil to center the "O" in the Apple Red candy cane striped box.  Repeat stenciling with Pure Black.

And lastly, position the "Y" on the plaid patterned box and stencil again using Pure Black.  TIP:  When complete with stenciling, I rinsed my Peel & Stick stencil well to remove the excess paint and replaced it back on the carrier sheet for safe keeping until I need to stencil "J O Y" again!

Of course, the ornament could be considered complete at this stage. However, I wanted to add more Pure Black to tie it all together.  I loaded my liner brush with thinned Pure Black and VERY loosely painted a wiggled line across the top of all the boxes.

I then flipped the ornament on it's side and continued to paint loose wiggled lines along the sides of the boxes.

I then completed outlining the box by painting the wiggled line along the bottom of each box.  And added a little dot and wiggled line embellishment at the corners of some of the boxes, (just because!)

Here's a look at the ornament so far ... and again, I could have called my hand painted ornament done ... did I?  NO!  I wanted to see it sparkle and look glitzy on my holiday tree. 

So here is where FolkArt Extreme Glitter comes in ... the sparkle and glitz! I LOVE IT!  I opened the Hologram Extreme Glitter and added approximately 1 - 2 tablespoons into the ornament. 

Tilt the ornament to one side and then the other to swirl the glitter paint around inside.

TIP:  I often will tear off a square of paper toweling and place it over the mouth of the ornament and then vigorously shake to ensure full coverage of the Extreme Glitter.  The paper towel will protect your fingers from excess paint and the opportunity of any mishaps with sharp glass edges.

Turn the ornament upside down over a foam or paper cup and allow any excess glitter paint to drain.  After approximately 15 minutes, I usually take my ornament and shake it well over a wide mouth trash can (again to remove excess glitter paint).  Next, allow the ornament to dry with the mouth of the ornament open allowing air to circulate inside to dry the paint.  TIP:  Positioning the wet glitter paint ornaments near a fan or source of circulating air will assist in speeding up the drying time.

Here is a look at my ornament as it is drying ... not completely dry yet.  FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paints will appear a milky color when wet and will dry to colored sparkle and glitz!  I chose Hologram for my ornament, however, FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paints are available in other traditional holiday colors such as Red, Green, Peridot, Silver and Gold too!

When thoroughly dry, replace the ornament cap and add a festive holiday ribbon tied in a bow!  Check it out .... don't you LOVE it?

And don't forget to personalize, sign it or date it "Christmas 2014" on the back!

I also created "L O V E" using Silver Extreme Glitter and "B E L I E V E" with Gold Extreme Glitter on the large round glass ornaments below.   I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy ornament class and now you can create a few to fill those "bare" spots on your holiday tree!

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