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Sparrow Wood Panels

Sparrow Wood Panels

These wood panels are extremely graphic, colorful and a great way to decorate an empty wall in your home. For this project you’ll need stencils, stencil brushes, FolkArt Multi-Surface paint, tape and wood panels.

Step 1: Center the pattern, which is your first layer, on your wood panel. Using a small amount of paint and a stencil brush, paint the layer on. Remember that stenciling is a dry-brush technique. This means you are using very little paint and adding more layers if you want a darker tone.  You can paint in a circular motion or by dabbing the brush up and down.

Step 2: Allow your first layer to dry—you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Once it is dry, place the silhouette of the sparrow on the panel; this is your second layer. You can secure the stencil with tape if you want to get very crisp edges.

Step 3: Once the second layer is dry, you are ready to stencil the detail, which is your last layer. Make sure to use a dry-brush technique.

Step 4: You can make one of these panels or a set of them. Making a set will create a dramatic pop of design!

Get creative, have fun and send us pictures of where you hang them up!

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