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Learn How to Create that "Wood Chippy Effect"

Learn How to Create that "Wood Chippy Effect"

In my spare time, I often shop flea markets and antique malls searching for that "one special" accent piece to complete a room setting.  I'll often come across a charming piece of furniture that appears to have been painted a wide variety of colors - layer upon layer - through the years.  It appears as though the layers of paint have chipped in places, yet another layer was applied directly over the previous layer.  That distressed, layered paint look is what we call "wood chippy effect!"  When you are lucky enough to find a vintage piece bearing this charming distressed look, the antique store price tag can prevent you from making that purchase!

Now what is so fun about this distressed look is that by using a special FolkArt Home Decor Tool, you too can recreate that awesome effect!  In today's distressed furniture and home decor trends, when we think of "distressing" a surface, we often think of removing the paint to reveal the underneath layers or colors.

Using the FolkArt Home Decor Wood Layering Block allows the DIY enthusiast to do just the opposite while achieving that coveted layered, distressed, wood chippy effect!  Let's take a look at this tool .....

36046  FolkArt Home Decor Wood Layering Block

The round handle fits perfectly in your hand which makes it easy to grasp and hold on to. 

The wood layering block's ultra-smooth, flat surface is sealed which makes for easy paint application as it glides across your project surface.

The technique of using this very unique tool is easy... simply grasp the handle and then load the smooth, flat bottom surface with paint by dipping it into a puddle of FolkArt Home Decor Chalk.  I often will tap the loaded tool onto a foam plate to ensure it is properly loaded and off-loaded before using. Then allow the paint-loaded tool to touch the surface making contact.  While holding the tool with light pressure, drag it across the surface area.  Paint will "skip" across leaving it a heavier application in some areas.  Allow one application or color to thoroughly dry before applying a second. 

Plaid and Donna Dewberry created a how-to video demonstrating this effect:  FolkArt Home Decor: How To Create A Chippy Layered Paint Finish.  Don't miss watching it!


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