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National Fairy Tale Day DIYs

National Fairy Tale Day DIYs

"Once Upon a Time..." Who doesn't love those four enchanting words? As soon you see them, you know something magical is to follow. Well, something magical IS about to happen! National Fairy Tale Day. Yep, tomorrow people all over the world will celebrate flying fairies, fire-breathing dragons, and favorite characters from the classic stories of childhood. In honor of this special day, I've rounded up a collection of cardboard DIYs that will have your kids be playing Happily Ever After...

Give the imagination flight with this Cardboard Fairy Craft via Mer Mag. Use FolkArt Home Decor Chalk to add color and detailing, and garden and paisley stencils to make wings fit for the most whimsical woodland princess. 

And what's a fairy tale without a knight in shining armor? This Cardboard Suit of Armor via Mumaroo is here to save the day! Use FolkArt Home Decor Chalk for the most vibrant family crest in all the land!

This Three Little Pig craft via Lotta Magazine uses popcycle sticks and paper lunch sacks to make one of the most classic (and curly!) tales come alive. Kids can decorate their houses with acrylic paint and stencils, and all-purpose decoupage like Mod Podge or craft glue such as Delta Sobo will ensure the roof and windows stand up to huffs and puffs from even the mightiest wolf. 

Sound the trumpets! We have arrived at the place where every good storybook ends - the royal castle! This DIY cardboard castle via Rambling Renovators will be your little prince's and princess's favorite place to read, rest, and rule over their kingdom. As always, Folk Art Home Decor Chalk gives the castle a flawless fairy tale finish.

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