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The #make2share Challenge: Make the World a Happier, Handmade Place!

The #make2share Challenge: Make the World a Happier, Handmade Place!

Want to make the world a happier, handmade place? We’re excited to be a part of helping to do just that by being a part of the #make2share challenge. We’re asking you to make two things for two friends within two weeks, and post on social with #make2share - in turn, challenging your two friends to do the same! 

We’re thrilled to partnered with some of the most passionate DIYers and makers around to help spark more making, the joy of giving and to integrate the idea of DIY into everyday life. 

Learn More: 

What counts as ‘handmade’, you ask? Anything from a necklace for your bestie to cupcakes for the postman. It could be a cross stitch that takes you five hours, or a decoupaged notebook that takes you five minutes. Need a bit of inspiration? Find projects like an Instagram Photo Transfer Clutch, Perfect Sugar Cookies, DIY Tea Light Holders and more at No matter your level of craftiness, YOU GOT THIS! 

How to Participate
  1. Pick two friends
  2. Copy and paste the Make2share Challenge below on social media
  3. Make something special and share it!

Make2share Challenge Text
"To my friends [tag 2 friends] I made you these [handmade items] as part of the #make2share Challenge. In exchange for this random act of giving, all I ask is for you to make and share something special for two people of your choice in the next two weeks.  Post a photo and be sure to tag #make2share so we can keep it going forward!"

We’ve even created cute printable gift tags and mailing labels, too if you’re chosen friends are long distance - so go ahead, carve out some time to create something!

Does your friend live long distance? Use these fun #make2share mailing labels to ship them some love!

Here are a few of our favorite #make2share DIYs so far! We can't wait to see yours!

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