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16 Perfect Craft Projects to Cure the Winter Blues

16 Perfect Craft Projects to Cure the Winter Blues

The holidays are way behind us at this point, and January is wrapping up, but there’s still a lot of winter left. But you know what? That’s okay, because we’re about to introduce you to 16 craft projects that will have you wishing for more snow and blustery winds to keep you indoors, crafting your hearts out. They come from our new creativecrush, Brittany Watson Jepsen and her inventive, beautiful blog, The House That Lars Built. Brittany brings an unmatched professional polish to DIY (no doubt due to time spent with the likes of Jonathan Adler and Tiffany &Co.), yet all the projects are approachable and fun to make. They’re bright, cheery—a bit of sunshine if you will—and perfect for combating the winter blues and cabin fever at the same time.

DIY Floral Headpiece

Sure you could make this now and save it for spring, but you don’t have to. Go ahead—break the rules and watch everyone’s face light up when you host your next winter party wearing this floral headpiece. With this tutorial, it’s easy to turn run of the mill fabric flowers into an enchanting accessory.

DIY Animal Masks

If you have a kid’s birthday party to plan in the near future—or just want to make the little ones happy with a fun surprise any ordinary day—you have got to make one of these super cute animal masks. There’s a couple of things that make this a fantastic tutorial: 1) Brittany provides two templates: one that’s super easy and can be colored by little guys and gals and one that’s three-dimensional and more advance for older kids. 2) They’re made by shaping that lovely all-purpose crafting material: cardboard. 3) You get to choose from 10 characters, so if you are hosting a kid’s party, hunker down and make one for all the guests.

DIY Tassel Boutonniere

Crafts that deliver high style this easily are pure genius. With some crepe paper and in just a few easy steps, you can have these colorful boutonnieres for your next festive occasion.

DIY Repurposed Butterfly Calendar

Brittany has an abundance of 2013 calendars sitting around and she didn’t want them to go to waste, so she came up with a bunch of fantastic tutorials you can do with one of your own. (They’re available for $4 in the House That Lars Built etsy shop.) Cake toppers, hairpins, gift wrapping—there are so many options for beautiful butterflies printed on cotton paper.

DIY 5-Minute Envelope Pillow Case

Yep, that’s right. In just five minutes you can make a pillowcase worthy of gracing any room in the house. Chances are if you’re experiencing cabin fever (and who isn’t, right?), you’d jump at the chance to switch up and spice up your decor.

DIY Printable Animal Masks

If those three-dimensional numbers we previously mentioned are too involved, try these printable animal masks and stage your own production this afternoon. Also, masks on a stick are great for little ones who don’t like the traditional string option.

DIY Paper Flower Daffodil

Sure Daffodils traditionally mark spring, but this time of yearis when we need them most. Luckily with a little crepe paper, a glue gun, andsome scissors, you can brighten a bedside table a little early this year.

DIY Vintage Ribbon Camera Strap

With all the beautiful vintage and contemporary fabric andribbon options, it’s just too easy to end up with a stash in the closet, alwayswaiting for that perfect project. Why not fashion a camera strap out of one ofthem? It’s super easy to do and makes for a useful way to showcase prettytrimmings.

DIY Liberty iPhone Case &Wallet

Make this easy-to-sew case in a pretty Liberty of London fabricand bring a little wholesome craftiness to your technology.

Father’s Day Gift Wrap

Brittany thought up this genius peek-a-boo gift wrap forFather’s Day, but it would work great for any gift-giving occasion. All youhave to do is print some choice photos and insert them under the craft paper asshown in the tutorial and voila—you have the most amazing gift wrap your familyand friends have ever laid eyes on.

DIY Post-It Heart Piñata

Just in time for Valentine’s Day—or a February wedding—is thiscute and colorful heart piñata made from cardboard and paper. How fun would itbe to surprise your family with one of these for an impromptu Valentine’s Daygame after school this February 14?

DIY Friendship Bracelet Rug

We share Brittany’s love for oversized things, which is whywe’re dying to make this rug based on those ever-popular friendship bracelets.The process of weaving the fabric is of course loads of fun, but what’s betteris having this awesome chunky welcome mat. It’s an instant afternoon of fun!

DIY Holiday Leaf Crown

This holiday leaf crown is too pretty to be relegated to theholidays, particularly if you have older girls around your house. This wouldmake an amazing project for a sleepover party craft. And, of course, you canspray paint the leaves whatever festive color you’d like.

DIY Print &Make Origami Business Card Holders

This is a fun little project to do, but also incredibly usefulfor those of us who have business cards banging around in our totes. Print outthis pretty template, fold according to the tutorial, and presto—a handy dandycase for your business cards. It’d make a nice little surprise for an officemate too.

DIY Fruit Tissue Balls

These bright and cheery fruit-shaped tissue balls are just thething to force winter chills away. If you happen to live near that pesky polarvortex weather, make these one afternoon, invite the neighbors over, andpretend it’s Cinco de Mayo.

DIY Bookbinding

This last project on the list is a good way to snuggle up witha book—by making one! You don’t need fancy tools to do it, just some fabric, scissors,twine, and other standard supplies. The best part is you get to fill it withwhatever you want afterward.

You’re going to love all the projects you’ll find on The House That Lars Built. Head on over nowand let us know some of your favorite projects in the comments. Then check outsome of Brittany’s amazing cards and calendars in TheHouse That Lars Built etsy shop.

Happy crafting!

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