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Learn to Decoupage with NEW Mod Podge Kits!

Learn to Decoupage with NEW Mod Podge Kits!

Learn to Decoupage with Mod Podge

Want to Learn to Decoupage?

Do you want to learn to decoupage but aren't sure where to start? With the number of decoupage projects out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. With the vast variety of Mod Podge formulas, you can decoupage practically any surface. That's why we are so excited to announce the launch of our new Learn to Decoupage with Mod Podge kits! Whether you are new to decoupaging or want to learn new techniques, we have compiled the perfect assortments to assist with your crafting needs. 

Learn to Decoupage with Mod Podge!

Mod Podge Beginner's Guide to Decoupage Kit

The Mod Podge Beginner's Guide to Decoupage Kit is an asset for those brand new to the craft, containing everything you need to get started. It also includes a 32-page book with basic instructions on how to use the line of products, as well as 12 DIY project ideas. Use Mod Podge Gloss to embellish a gift box, or Mod Podge Outdoor to decorate a charming bird feeder. The best part about the Mod Podge Beginner Book Kit? It's so versatile - it's a great tool for a multitude of skill levels, and a great way to sample a collection of Mod Podge decoupage products.

Essential Mod Podge Decoupage Tool Kit

The Essential Mod Podge Decoupage Tool Kit includes an assortment of tools that make Mod Podge application a breeze. In addition to the tools, the kit comes with a 32-page Family Activities project book that includes 13 fun activities that will brighten up any home decor.  The Mod Podge Family Activities Book and Tool Kit is great for a multitude of skill levels, from beginner to expert. Whether you're making a family photo wreath or a building a book birdhouse, this activity kit provides you with the instructions and the essential tools to get started.

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Other Resources to Learn to Decoupage

If you're ready to learn more about how to decoupage, make sure to check out these pages from Plaid and our partners. You'll be a decoupage master in no time!

  • How to Decoupage with Mod Podge: Plaid's own craft education expert Chris Williams walks you through some of the Mod Podge basics, vital to every crafter.
  • Basic Decoupage Techniques and Tips: Chris answers some of the commonly-asked questions about decoupage, including tips on how best to apply Mod Podge, how to use some of the Mod Podge tools, and the basic supplies everyone should have before starting a decoupage project.
  • Make It with Mod Podge: Watch Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza show you how to use Mod Podge in new and surprising ways—such as redoing furniture, creating personalized gifts, and even making your own fashions!
  • Mod Podge Rocks! Blog: Our friend Amy Anderson loves Mod Podge so much, she's devoted an entire blog to it! Bookmark the site to get your daily dose of everyone's favorite decoupage medium!

Happy Decoupaging, and be sure to tag your projects #plaidcrafts to share with us on social!

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