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Baked In Brooklyn

Baked In Brooklyn

We paid a visit to Baked in Brooklyn, a local ceramic painting studio here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their studio is packed with wide array of paint and surfaces to choose from!  This was so nostalgic for me since in my childhood, painting ceramics was one of my favorite things to do.  We brought our stencils with us and with guidance from owner Ashley Newman, we created a few custom stenciled items. Here’s how.

We first painted the surface a solid color.  The studio had so many choices with various textures like speckled flecks in the colors and more. We painted platters and flat tiles.

Next, after the surface dried, we placed the stencil on the surface. Ashley said she had better results with dobbers than stencil brushes. I used the layered stencils to stencil down a pattern then once dry the silhouette stencil, then the detail stencil.   

With ceramic painting, you never know your final results until you fire the piece so that, for me, is kind of exciting.  I had to return a few days later to see the results. In a day and age of instant gratification, I found great appreciation for this craft. Here are the results, beautiful!

Check out the new stencil line with Plaid and for more info on Baked in Brooklyn visit their site.

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