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Easy DIY Cherry Blossom T Shirt

Easy DIY Cherry Blossom T Shirt

We wanted to give our Stencil1 Cherry Blossom stencil a new look by using an unexpected color to stencil a shirt. We love the outcome! This t-shirt would make an awesome gift for any guy or gal!

For this how-to you’ll need a T-shirt, painters tape, FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint, Stencil1 Cherry Branch stencil, stencil brushes, low-tack spray adhesive and some cardboard. 

Step 1: Place the cardboard inside the shirt. This will prevent the color from bleeding onto the back and will also give you a sturdy surface to stencil on.  Use a low-tack spray adhesive to make the back of the stencil sticky and place it on the shirt. Use the tape to further secure the stencil.

Step 2: Pour some paint on a plate. We used a light and dark blue. Use the stencil brush to paint in the stencil. We created an ombre effect by fading from dark to light blue. 

Step 3: Once you have fully painted in the stencil carefully lift the stencil off and allow the paint to dry. 
Step 4: Use the remainder of the paint to stencil some flowers and petals on the shirt. 

Step 5: Allow all the paint to dry and heat-seal it with an iron. Show us what you make @Stencil1 

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