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10 Awesome Crafts For Kids

10 Awesome Crafts For Kids

I’m a huge fan of the blog Creative Jewish Mom. It’s full of amazing kid’s craft tutorials, recipes, gardening projects, and more. I’ve been admiring for some time now, and it’s time to round up 10 of my favorite projects so that your family can get in on the fun too. Kids and grownups alike are going to have a blast working their way through this list!

Finger Knitting

Here’s a craft older kiddos can get into. It’s so fun to do they’re likely to become downright obsessed. Once they’ve created a zillion finger-knitted cords, head on over to Handmade Charlotte to learn how to decorate a super cool flamingo pillow with them.

Cereal Gift Bag Boxes

I love innovative gift wrap, and these cereal boxes really take the cake. They’re great for any occasion, and the messier the kids get with decorating them the better!

Painted Fruit Centerpiece

Styrofoam fruit might not be the most exciting centerpiece you’ve ever seen—that is until you paint it with your favorite Martha Stewart acrylic paints. This is a clever way to transform your table in almost no time at all.

Tissue Paper Collage Clowns

This is a great project for kids of any age and only requires supplies you probably already have on hand. I love the according legs and bottle cap eyes!

Toilet Paper Roll Royalty Dolls

What a fun way to recycle toilet paper rolls! They’re so cute all lined up in a row that they’d look great on a bookshelf when the kids aren’t playing with them. 

Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Crowns

This might just be my favorite use of recycled toilet paper rolls ever. Even adults would look adorable in these miniature crowns. They’re also super easy to make, so paint up a bunch for your next birthday party. 

T-Shirt Yarn

Not only can you use this recycled T-shirt yarn for your next knitting or crocheting project, but also the balls themselves look great sitting in a bowl. I love the idea of having them around for kiddos to pick up and use as they wish, whenever they want.

Printing With Leaves

This is the perfect craft for kids—nature meets paint meets fabric or paper. Give them paper plates for making paint palettes, have them hunt for leaves, then let them go crazy making designs. 

DIY Tie-Dyed Tissue Paper 

Here’s a super easy way to create bright, cheery gift wrap. And what a great use of all that tissue paper you’ve accumulated from packaging.

DIY Abstract Art With Egg Shells

This is a great way to use all those painted eggshells from Easter. Kiddos of all ages will have a blast making abstract art from crunched up shells. 

Happy crafting!


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