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Instead of Cake: Birthday Treat Ideas!

Instead of Cake: Birthday Treat Ideas!

At Plaid, you can imagine that we take birthdays pretty seriously around the office. We've got a couple team members celebrating their big day next week, so we've been thinking birthdays lately! Another thing we're sure won't be a surprise? We also punch up anything we do around here with a creative flair. The traditional birthday cake is always great, but we've got six super 'instead of cake' ideas for you to try for your next celebration!  

Before you get started on our scrumptious sweets suggestions, we've got the perfect presentation idea for these colorful confections. Make them feel extra special by serving your treats on this party plate glassware crafted with FolkArt Enamels


Happy Birthday Painted Glassware Tutorial via Plaid Online

Shop FolkArt Enamels

Birthday Cake Pancake Recipe via Seeded at the Table

Start the day off right with a birthday brunch using this easy recipe! 

Birthday Cake Donut Recipe via La Fuji Mama

 For all the donut fanatics out there - take it to the next level of 'yum' with a homemade version. 

Cake Batter Oreo Cookies Recipe via Sally's Baking Addiction

 Perfect for sharing or to tuck into their lunch, these cookies are addictive.

Birthday Cake Blondies Recipe via Living Better Together

These buttery bars will make any wish come true!  

Cake Batter Protein Shake Recipe via Fitness Magazine

This shake is described as 'guilt-free,' but it still has a super tasty vanilla flavor!

No Bake Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cups Recipe via The Domestic Rebel

Did someone say 'no bake?' That's what we thought. So we automatically had to include these adorable goodies. 


Which one of these treats would you pick for your big day or to celebrate someone special?

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