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It's National Craft Month -- How to Get Started Crafting ... Where to Begin

The month of March is here already ... whatever happened to January and February?  Seriously, time sure flies by when you are having fun creating art and crafting every day! 

Today's blog post is written in celebration of March which is honored to be give the title "National Craft Month!"  And to start this month's crafty celebrations, I thought it might be fun to share with you some basic ideas of how to get started and how to stay organized ... here are ten ideas or suggestions that I consider my favorite general crafting tips to help you create and organize your crafting space! 

Tip No. 1

Select an area and work space with a easy-to-work-at table height where you can keep your crafting supplies close at hand.  I also suggest finding a comfortable armless chair which can provide you with a wide range of arm motion.  And of course,  fun, bright colors or funky fabrics can offer creative inspiration.    This combination, a workable table height and comfortable chair will enable you to create a more productive work space.

Tip No. 2

Once you select your crafting space with a supportive table and comfy chair, consider your lighting and choice of music.  There is no need to strain your eyes when working on small or delicate items, creating with detail, or wanting to view true colors in your work.  I highly recommend adding extra lighting for all your crafting close-up work.  And please don't forget about music, playing your favorite artist or genre of music can also offer extra inspiration!

Tip No. 3

When stocking your craft panty of supplies, if possible, I suggest investing in the best crafting supplies and tools available as this will make the crafting experience more enjoyable.  For example ... why purchase a low-grade, less expensive paint when time is spent applying more basecoats for opaque coverage?  In reality, it is more fun to jump into a project once basecoated rather than taking so much time to basecoat!

Tip No. 4

Keep an inspiration journal!  A small binder or notebook that can contain your rough sketches, fabric swatches, paint chips, list of supplies on hand or "wishlist" supplies, etc. is perfect to have on hand to keep you organized.  You will be amazed how ideas will "pop" into your head when sitting quietly with your inspiration journal; one image or swatch or color chip can influence your next craft project!

Tip No. 5

I like to organize my craft supplies where I can see exactly what I have which will prevent me from purchasing duplicates.  If your supplies don't fit on open shelves, consider storing them in clear, see-thru containers such as glass jars or plastic storage bins.  I also like to create fun labels for my containers.  If you follow these suggestions, I promise, it will make finding your supplies much easier and allow you longer crafting time instead of routing through boxes to locate the necessary supplies.

Tip No. 6

When storing white craft glue which can be thick in consistency and often requires a couple hefty shakes to get the glue to the nozzle tip, I solve that problem by storing my white craft glue (with the bottle capped) turned upside down in a  container.  This will enable you to have "glue at the ready" as well as release air bubbles to the top - which is now the natural bottom of the bottle.  Voila!  The white craft glue is now always ready, no shaking and no air bubbles to contend with!

Tip No. 7

Organize the craft supplies you have multiples of such as: ribbon, buttons, yarns, colored pencils, paints and even beads in separate containers by color.  Not only will it look pretty on display, but will also prove to be a more effective way to craft when all your supplies are color organized!

Tip No. 8

Here's a tip you may never have thought of ... Add an inexpensive flat iron (one used to straighten hair) to your craft pantry.  it is a great tool to keep handy as it quickly removes unwanted wrinkles from ribbon and trims.

Tip No. 9

This is a really cool thing to know ... If you hate the "strings of glue" or "spiderwebs" you achieve when hot gluing, I suggest storing your hot glue sticks in the freezer between uses as this will reduce the amount of glue strings!

Tip No. 10

Always use caution when working with a craft knife as accidents can easily happen if not careful or when working with a dull blade.  Another craft tip I want to share pertains to how to store your craft knife.  I suggest to store your craft knife capped to prevent any accidental injury.  Don't have a cap for your craft knife or lost it ... no worries ... slide the craft knife bade into the end of an eraser, the side of a foam stamp, or into a piece of foam core board as shown below.  Your blade will be covered preventing injuries and with a pretty foam stamp on the blade end, you will always be able to locate your craft knife! 

I hope you have enjoyed these ten tips on Getting Started Crafting!  Now go out there and enjoy National Craft Month, you have the entire month of March to get started or continue crafting... enjoy yourself and have fun!

Posted: 3/3/2015 7:02:00 AM by LEAP | with 0 comments

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