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Coloring For Adults: 10 Tips to Make Those Pages Pop!

Coloring For Adults: 10 Tips to Make Those Pages Pop!

Our Design team had a blast getting creative with adult coloring book pages, and even more fun transforming their pretty pages with Mod Podge into a special project, keepsake or gift! 

Our team shares 10 insider tips on coloring for adults and tricks to successfully use your pages in DIY projects: 

1) Try mixing mediums to create a different effect. Color first with markers then go back with color pencils to shade in the same colors. Use color pencils first and then accent with a metallic gold or silver gel pen.

2) Color shade an area by pressing down harder with your color pencil along the edge and then gradually use less pressure as you move away from the edge.

3) Use a limited palette of colors. For instant, use only shades of one color or all warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows, pinks) or all cool colors (blues, greens, purples, teals). Try a completely metallic palette.

4)  To help blend colors using colored pencils, shade light colors over darker colors using pressure to blend the colors together.

5)  Add dimension by copying the page, cutting out elements and Mod Podge them to a piece of poster board and then pop them off page with a foam squares.

6)  Photo copy with a laser paper before Mod Podging (ink jet printers sometimes bleed).

7)  Add glitter to different elements of the page.

8)  Be careful using washable markers because they tend to bleed onto other surfaces.

9)  Before coloring your page, enlarge the image to create a bigger impact.

10)  Make multiple copies to cover a surface. Enlarge or reduce the image to create a pattern for a specific piece.

Don’t let those adult coloring book pages sit silently between the pages of a book on a shelf!  Get inspired with step-by-step instructions for seven project ideas of what you can do with your adult coloring book pages! 

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