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DIY Play Kitchens for the Kids

DIY Play Kitchens for the Kids

My family practically lives in the kitchen. Whether we're cooking, crafting, doing homework, or just sitting down for a smoothie, it's where we spend all our time. My kids love to help out with meal prep, but the problem is, three of my five kiddos aren't quite tall enough yet to reach the countertop. I've therefore been on a huge play kitchen kick lately. There are some amazing ones out there! And the best part? They're all made from other pieces of repurposed furniture. What a great way to give your home a makeover, while also giving your little chefs their very own DIY kitchens. Alright, let's whip up some fun!

(Tip: my favorite ingredients when it comes to crafts like these is FolkArt Home Decor Chalk + Mod Podge. It's an absolutely fool-proof recipe!)

Feast your eyes on this old TV cabinet that Debbie Williams transformed into an old fashioned diner! This is a great opportunity to break out your FolkArt Chalkboard Paints so that your kiddo can tell everyone what they're cooking behind the counter that day.

(Also - wouldn't this make the best lemonade stand ever?)

This one is so simple! Everyone has that one clunky night stand that just kinda takes up room, right? The good people over at Paint on the Ceiling show you how take that piece, and turn it into the cutest little mini stove you've ever seen (I mean, how legitimate does that look?) Who knew an entire kitchen could live right beside your pillow!

I love the idea of this DIY piece from German company Hyggelig. They chose to paint it all white and then bring in pops of color through fabrics and trinkets. Fantastic! 

This DIY rolling kitchenette from A Beautiful Mess (featured at top, as well) is another great application for FolkArt Chalkboard Paint. Use it to scribble down recipes, dinner requests, or just the soup du jour :) 

Bon Appetit and Happy Crafting! 

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