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Hanging Crafts to Spruce up Your Pad

Hanging Crafts to Spruce up Your Pad

Is your environment feeling stale? This is the perfect time to freshen it up with these highly functional, decorative, hanging DIYs. We've got everything from a concrete lamp to a hanging table! So take inspiration from the ceiling down and get crafting! 

Freshen up your kitchen with a floating floral detail! Who needs one vase when you can have five? 

These clay bells would make a perfect afternoon craft for the kids, and you can easily display it afterwards! 

Need some extra storage space but don't want to use bulky bins? These hanging baskets are a perfect solution. 

Build your own macrame chair and swing in it too! This project is really a work of art. 

How elegant is this hanging wooden side table? I know what I'm doing this weekend... 

Love the industrial look of these concrete hanging lamps. Concrete is as daunting of a material as you might think! Check it out for yourself!

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